best of 2012 WEDDINGS
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The weddings I have photographed in 2012 have exceeded all of my expectations – so many couples full of love, hugs, excitement and more! I’m sure you are tired of me saying this, but I LOVE my couples!! I love their love for each other, their love for life, and their love for great photos. :-)

Looking through these, you’ll notice a lot of my favorite images from weddings this year were not just portraits, but moments. Getting ready, first looks, exchanging rings, stealing glances. These moments are so much more beautiful and precious to me (and my couples) than anything – even cute shoes. And you all know how I love cute shoes. :-)















Jaime’s first look with her dad – I melt.






























This is my blog, so I get to make up my own rules, right? These last few images are not technically ‘wedding photos’ but are from the day after. So that’s close enough! Ryan + Jaime’s day after session was, hands down, THE MOST FUN I’ve ever had behind my camera!!!



To all my couples who were married in 2012 – big hugs. I love what I do because of YOU!!  Thank you so much for including me in your big day and trusting me with your most precious and exciting memories of the ‘beginning of the rest of your lives.’ I know it’s cheesy to say, but I really do appreciate your love and support. :-)

laura loves… december edition
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Christmas came early, flowers were delivered and seasonal coffee creamer is in the house!!! Here are a few of my favorite things this month.

1. New custom flash drives!!! Thanks so much to Kristen at Flashbay for helping with my order. I can’t wait to start handing over wedding images to my 2013 couples with these!!!

2. Animal print flats – Up until a week or so ago, I’ve lived my life as a Plain Jane, wearing only solid colors. Mainly in the blacks/browns/teals/purples categories. My husband thinks my sudden intrest in ‘wild prints’ is because, now that we’re married, he is wearing off on me. To this I just smile and nod, because oftentimes he wears plaid shirts and camo print pants. Together. In public.

3. My new Canon G12 – I used to take my ‘big camera’ around with me everywhere. I never could decide which lens to bring, so I brought multiple. It was getting to be that whenever I would go see my nephews, I had enough gear packed to photograph a wedding. I opted for this camera because I can use manual camera settings and it works with the flashes for my ‘big camera.’ And yes, using it makes me feel twice as fly as a G6. :-)

4. Married life is a ‘blast.’ And sometimes a little unfair. Like when I’m stuck with the smaller foam dart gun.

5. Birthday flowers from Jolly Lane!!! My mister brought these home for me on my birthday and they lasted a very long time, so naturally they were one of my most favorite things this month.

6. My morning cup of coffee – and Peppermint Mocha creamer. Some people like a little cream with their coffee. I like a little coffee with my flavored creamer.

best of 2012 ENGAGEMENTS
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2012 has been such a fun and beautiful year!!! I have had the pleasure of meeting and photographing the most wonderful, in-love couples during one of the most exciting times of their lives together – their engagement!!

The love that oozes out of these images almost makes me want to go back in time three months and soak up all that pre-wedding excitement. But, then again, married life rocks. And half of these couples can now tell you the same thing!! The other half? Well, they get to keep on celebrating their engagement until their weddings in 2013!!

Enjoy my top favorite engagement images of 2012 – and feel the warm fuzzies for yourself!! :-)



























To all my couples – thank you. SO so much. For inviting me into your lives. For showing me your love for each other. YOU are the reason I absolutely LOVE my job. :-) Hugs to you all!!

kris + lexie ENGAGED!! south dakota engagement photography
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Lexie and I were 4-H Council/Ambassadors together in high school, we will both share the same wedding anniversary, and we both have an appreciation for small towns with abandoned houses and roughed up doorways. :-) So naturally, I couldn’t wait to meet the man of her dreams and photograph their love. Hope you enjoy!!










laura loves… november edition
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It’s funny that November is one of my favorite months. It is when snow starts to fly, coats are mandatory, and Christmas songs are played before Thanksgiving – all of which are things I don’t care for. But the things I LOVE about November far outweigh the cold weather – like having a garage to park our cars in. :-) This leads me to this month’s installment of ‘laura loves…’ :-)

1. Thanksgiving with my family – in particular, reading to my nephews. This is the only time they willingly sit on my lap and snuggle with me. Next time I visit, I’m going to bring the biggest, longest story book EVER so they never stop cuddling with me. :-)

2. My birthday cake – my sister-in-law makes delicious home-made cakes. One year she made a spiced caramel rum cake (my mouth still waters at the thought of it!!) but this year she experimented with a recipe she has wanted try for a long time. Molten lava chocolate cakes. Yeah. She sets the bar high.

3. Nail polish – about a month ago, I went searching for the perfect shade of peachy-pink nail polish. And then I couldn’t.stop.buying.nail.polish. “I wonder how this sweater brown color would look on me?” and “Oooh, mint green would be fun!” FYI, the perfect shade is a mix of the first two colors, but it takes three or four coats to get it just right. Which means getting that perfect shade without smudges makes for a really time-consuming project.

4. Taking photos at the Cathedral in Rapid City – the Cathedral will be celebrating their re-dedication this spring and they needed some updated photos for a booklet that will be put together. Yours truly got to climb up five levels of scaffolding to document every stained glass window, station of the cross, painting and plaque. Not my typical job with a camera in hand, but it was definitely fun to stretch my comfort level (who wants to go to Six Flags or ride a zip-line with me??) and do something out of the ordinary.