laura loves… september edition
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September is always a favorite thanks to open-windows weather, our anniversary, and new this year: fresh produce!

Milo quickly switched from shaking his head ‘no’ to clapping and doing ‘so big.’ We love that we can sit him in the middle of the room, leave, come back, and find him still sitting in the middle of the room. If he’s on his tummy, he will quickly army-crawl over to the door stop or nearest book. Everything still goes in his mouth, and his third tooth has finally poked through.

Elodie is continuing to add to her vocabulary and even putting small sentences together. “Off go, bye house.” “Oh, mom.” “Love you, da.” She is getting the hang of her tricycle, but still likes a push to get going. ‘Bat ball’ is a favorite outside game, although she has different ideas every day of how to play.

We celebrated our fifth anniversary with a quiet day at home and it was wonderful. No work, no errands, just naps and walks and meals together. And playing with the kids, of course.

Our ‘new’ house (can you believe it’s been a year now since we moved?!) has an apple tree, and we also planted a few vegetables. We now have a freezer full of sliced apples (thanks to my parents for their help), and we are very tired of eating green beans for a while. :-)

laura loves… august edition
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Milo is rolling and scooting and army crawling. He sits up, but can’t yet sit himself up.

Elodie is expanding her vocabulary every day. Cake, cow, book, home, house, work, and says “I” instead of “me.” When she thinks, she looks up and says ‘hmmm’ or ‘umm’ and then answers with either a slow ‘nope’ or a matter-of-fact ‘yep.’ Sometimes when I tell her ‘no’ she says ‘hey’ real slowly and softly, as if I should reconsider my decision. When Lance comes home she whispers “oh, hide hide” and runs to hide in her fort, under her blanket, or if she can’t get anywhere fast enough, she simply covers her eyes with her hands.

Milo and Elodie are all of a sudden best friends. While cooking dinner the other night, I had Milo in the play pen in the next room, and Elodie went to keep him entertained and all I could hear was two giggling children!

laura loves… july edition
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This might be a little premature, but this will probably be one of my favorite photos of them ever!!

Milo has officially started eating baby food, and he has eaten everything we’ve given him. If there are bananas in the mixture, we can’t feed him fast enough! He loves to be close to us, and his sister is still his endless source of entertainment. He even makes squeaks that sound just like her! Any chance he gets, he rolls to his tummy and spins around to find the closest toy to put in his mouth.

Elodie is two and a half!! She is saying more letters and spelling S-T-O-P at every stop sign she sees. She can also say the numbers 1-5 (in her own way). She loves helping (fill and empty the dishwasher & ice cube trays, getting clean diapers and throwing dirty ones away, giving Milo a toy or his pacifier when he’s sad) which is so cute and convenient! Her favorite spot in the house right now is the blanket fort we have set up behind the couch. When Lance walks in the door, she either run towards him with her arms wide open, or says ‘hide, hide’ and waits in her fort for him to find her. Outside of the house, her favorite place to be is the playground – she could swing and slide all day if we let her!

Both kids enjoy being outside – Milo watches cars drive by and also keeps an eye on Elodie, Elodie likes coloring with chalk and watering the flowers/weeds/sidewalk.

laura loves… june edition
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June! Peony season!! Awesome weddings and engagement sessions!!! Milo’s surgery!!!!

June was busy busy busy – two amazing weddings and two gorgeous sessions, plus all the editing that goes with it, AND I wanted to get it all done before we left for Denver so that I could focus all my attention on to these two cuties:

Elodie is becoming even more expressive. When a blackbird comes to our feeders she shouts “oh, no!” When something surprises her, she says “wow!” When counting our family members, she counts on her fingers “ma, da, me, bee.” “Bye” is now “bye bye” and when she ‘goes to work’ (goes in to my office and closes the door) she says “bye bye” and peeks through the crack of the door to wave and blow kisses before shutting the door completely. She grabs kisses and hangs on to them to save for bedtime. Her snuggle bunny holds on to said kisses for safe keeping during the night. When she listens for something, she puts her hand up behind her ear, and she is officially big enough to open the fridge door all by herself. Her favorite phrase is still “no, me!” so she can do it herself. She got her first scraped knee (enough to need a bandaid) and now she thinks every ‘owie’ needs a ‘woof’ (Scooby Doo bandaid).

Milo rocked his craniosynostosis surgery. It was so hard to see him so groggy and in pain after the surgery, but after a week of being home he is his happy, giggly, chatty self! He says “ayayayadadada” and smacks his lips as if blowing kisses. As soon as he sees his bottle, he spits out his pacifier, kicks his legs, reaches his hands out, and hangs on for dear life. Since coming home, he has started eating baby food which has greatly improved his nap times! I’m hoping this means I can actually get things done during his naps! Either that or take a good nap myself. ;-)

laura loves… may edition
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Warmer weather, flowers, and the kids – these are my favorite things this past month!

Elodie now says “hey, bud” to Milo and also loves to give him hugs when he wakes up from naps.

Milo’s new favorite tricks are reaching for his toes and blowing raspberries (even with his pacifier in).

Huge hugs and shout-out to my BPF (best photo friend) Jessica Simons for always being up for photographing every stage of our lives (engagement, maternity, motherhood) and capturing it SO beautifully. :-)