laura loves… november edition
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It’s not very often that I even try to take a photo of Elodie and Milo together. This is why:

Allowing them to play with a stuffed animal was the only way they could stay focused long enough to get a half-decent photo. But then again I kinda love how excited Elodie is to balance the kitty on Milo’s head, and Milo is being so tolerant of her shenanigans. #siblinglove

This month, Elodie is saying sentences with up to 4-6 words! My favorite phrases are:

“GUYS” when Lance and I are having a conversation that doesn’t include her.

“Ahh, so nice.” when I wiped the snot off her nose.

“Thank you, ma” whenever I ask her to please do something. “Elodie, can you please put your plate in the dishwasher?” “Thank you, ma!”

“Too hot? Juss white (just right)?” asking about the food on her plate.

She loves to play puzzle and watch ‘Doc show’ (Doc Mcstuffins) when Milo is sleeping. She also really enjoys window clings and painting and Play Doh.

Milo is turning into a little love bug. If I am laying on the floor, he will crawl over to give me a snuggle – resting his head on my chest or leg. When strangers (anyone he hasn’t seen in over a week) approach, he’ll wrap his arms around us and snuggle in real close.  He can bark like a dog (high pitched squeak with a whole body twitch), and snort like a pig. When I’m putting his socks on, he will lift his foot up in the air for me. He loves to hand over his toys and then hold his hand out to ask for them back.

We are enjoying a nice, mild fall! It’s so nice to be able to take the kids out to enjoy some fresh air!

laura loves… october edition
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Nice, warm weather days are slipping away, and we are already spending most of our time in front of the fireplace, scrambling to keep the kids entertained during those non-daylight hours before bedtime. If Elodie sees that it’s dark outside, she’ll say, “oh, no, night night” and I’m all “do you want to go to bed?” At 6:30. Because apparently the ‘shorter’ the days get, the ‘longer’ the days feel.

But enough whining about losing sunlight and the warmth it brings!

Elodie and Milo are entertaining each other more and more. After his last well child checkup, she found this small piece of internet cable and proceeded to give him at-home checkups. I knew right away that it would be a perfect Halloween costume for them with all that Milo has been through this year. :-)

Milo is still army crawling all over, and he loves to sneak away to Elodie’s room to find the fan that’s plugged in, or to the kitchen to find crumbs. It feels like he has been teething for *forever.* He now has four bottom teeth and one on the top, with at least one more on the way (although it’s impossible to tell until they’ve officially poked through.)

His favorite activity is scooting around the recliner and playing peek-a-boo from behind it. He is also very interested in the tiny chips of wood that falls off between carrying in wood and putting it in the fireplace. I’ve dug out a few pieces of bark as well as a fly. Uck. I’m very much ready for the whole ‘put everything in the mouth’ phase to be over.

Elodie’s new most-used phrase is ‘thank you’ and it’s probably my favorite. Although ‘luff you, ma’ still melts my heart!!

laura loves… september edition
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September is always a favorite thanks to open-windows weather, our anniversary, and new this year: fresh produce!

Milo quickly switched from shaking his head ‘no’ to clapping and doing ‘so big.’ We love that we can sit him in the middle of the room, leave, come back, and find him still sitting in the middle of the room. If he’s on his tummy, he will quickly army-crawl over to the door stop or nearest book. Everything still goes in his mouth, and his third tooth has finally poked through.

Elodie is continuing to add to her vocabulary and even putting small sentences together. “Off go, bye house.” “Oh, mom.” “Love you, da.” She is getting the hang of her tricycle, but still likes a push to get going. ‘Bat ball’ is a favorite outside game, although she has different ideas every day of how to play.

We celebrated our fifth anniversary with a quiet day at home and it was wonderful. No work, no errands, just naps and walks and meals together. And playing with the kids, of course.

Our ‘new’ house (can you believe it’s been a year now since we moved?!) has an apple tree, and we also planted a few vegetables. We now have a freezer full of sliced apples (thanks to my parents for their help), and we are very tired of eating green beans for a while. :-)

laura loves… august edition
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Milo is rolling and scooting and army crawling. He sits up, but can’t yet sit himself up.

Elodie is expanding her vocabulary every day. Cake, cow, book, home, house, work, and says “I” instead of “me.” When she thinks, she looks up and says ‘hmmm’ or ‘umm’ and then answers with either a slow ‘nope’ or a matter-of-fact ‘yep.’ Sometimes when I tell her ‘no’ she says ‘hey’ real slowly and softly, as if I should reconsider my decision. When Lance comes home she whispers “oh, hide hide” and runs to hide in her fort, under her blanket, or if she can’t get anywhere fast enough, she simply covers her eyes with her hands.

Milo and Elodie are all of a sudden best friends. While cooking dinner the other night, I had Milo in the play pen in the next room, and Elodie went to keep him entertained and all I could hear was two giggling children!

laura loves… july edition
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This might be a little premature, but this will probably be one of my favorite photos of them ever!!

Milo has officially started eating baby food, and he has eaten everything we’ve given him. If there are bananas in the mixture, we can’t feed him fast enough! He loves to be close to us, and his sister is still his endless source of entertainment. He even makes squeaks that sound just like her! Any chance he gets, he rolls to his tummy and spins around to find the closest toy to put in his mouth.

Elodie is two and a half!! She is saying more letters and spelling S-T-O-P at every stop sign she sees. She can also say the numbers 1-5 (in her own way). She loves helping (fill and empty the dishwasher & ice cube trays, getting clean diapers and throwing dirty ones away, giving Milo a toy or his pacifier when he’s sad) which is so cute and convenient! Her favorite spot in the house right now is the blanket fort we have set up behind the couch. When Lance walks in the door, she either run towards him with her arms wide open, or says ‘hide, hide’ and waits in her fort for him to find her. Outside of the house, her favorite place to be is the playground – she could swing and slide all day if we let her!

Both kids enjoy being outside – Milo watches cars drive by and also keeps an eye on Elodie, Elodie likes coloring with chalk and watering the flowers/weeds/sidewalk.