jake + megan MARRIED!! Black Hills wedding photography
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Jake + Megan were happy, goofy, cuddly and chill on their wedding day, even with a sunburn, busted dress, nearly un-lightable candles, and a temporary downpour. They handled their first day of marriage like champions – soaking in the good memories and shrugging off the tiny hiccups. Everyone says rain on your wedding day is good luck, but I don’t think these two will need it! They’ve got each other and awesome friends + family on their side :-)


jake + megan ENGAGED!! Rapid City Photography
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Jake + Megan were so kind to take some time out of their wedding week to walk around downtown Rapid City with me for a few engagement photos. Pretty sure they’re both glowing with excitement! :-D


travis + cherie MARRIED!! Sylvan Lake Wedding
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It’s official – both spring and wedding season are *finally* here!! Travis + Cherie had an unbelievably beautiful day for their Sylvan Lake wedding, but it would have been amazing even without the gorgeous weather. Probably because Cherie is super organized and Travis is super creative and their friends and family are super fun and sweet. :-)

Above: Cherie’s father + sister watching her get ready. Below: Cherie’s mother making sure the earrings she wore on her wedding day are looking just right on her daughter. *excuse me while I get all emotional behind my camera*

This ring pillow was also used at her parents wedding, and it worked perfectly with all the floral details!

Guess who snuck out for sunset photos!? WE DID!!! :-D

Travis + Cherie – I still can’t believe how lucky we got with the weather!!! And the photo-bombing deer!! :-D Your wedding was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Thank you so much for getting married here in the Black Hills and also for having me there. Biggest of hugs to you both!!

laura loves… april edition
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It’s clear that this monthly ‘laura loves’ post is all about the kiddos month after month (and lately they’ve been posted later and later), but I keep doing them because I need some place to document their lives on a regular basis. Since I’ve already got people asking for the next post when I’m a few days late, I’ve got the perfect accountability system in place! So thanks for following along and keeping this mama on track! :-)

Elodie’s new favorite word is ‘me’ – she is wanting to be more and more independent, and if we try to help, her second favorite word, ‘no,’ is also used a lot. She loves attention (grandparent visits are her favorite) and she is getting goofier by the day. She likes to find our letters on every day items and signs ‘M’ for mommy ‘D’ for daddy ‘B’ for baby, and her favorite… ‘E!!!’ She loves to fall (a.k.a. slide) off the couch, and the anticipation of falling is the funniest thing in the world. The only person she says ‘hi’ to is her baby brother. She wants to give him his bottle and catch his spit up and give him his pacifier and show him his toys. She does not want him to be in my arms.

Milo loves loves loves his big sister. He is getting to be ticklish on his ribs and it’s so cute to hear him giggle! He likes to see what’s going on – sitting on my lap during mealtimes and riding around in the baby carrier facing forward are his favorite viewpoints. We found out that his odd-shaped head is something that will likely need surgery, so please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers over this next month as we navigate through all of this.

As for us parents, our busy work seasons start now. For me, finding the work/life balance is a daily struggle, but I am excited to get to see all my couples on their wedding days. Seeing them so excited to start their new lives together is so sweet and rewarding and I’m glad I get to witness it weekend after weekend! :-)

Hope you are all enjoying these beautiful spring days and I’ll check in with you next month! :-)

austin + jill ENGAGED!! Black Hills Engagement Photography
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These two are sweet and silly and so laid back, their engagement session felt like I was hanging out with old friends. I can hardly wait for their brunch wedding this fall!!