austin + jill MARRIED!! Prairie Berry Winery wedding
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Austin and Jill planned a brunch wedding and I couldn’t have been more excited for it! Breakfast food is my jam. ;-) Also, after the wedding is done, there is still so much of the day left for activities – like naps!!

Excited to start photographing the morning, I went to find Jill getting ready at the Homestead at Prairie Berry and THIS DRESS with LACE SLEEVES was hanging next to her!! And then someone handed me her shoes. PINK CONVERSE!!! I knew Jill had great taste planning a morning wedding, but her wardrobe was icing on the cake!

Also, morning weddings (or any kind of photo opportunity in general) give new life to the scenery around Prairie Berry. I’ve never been able to get a photo like this with afternoon/evening weddings here. I’m a big fan. :-)

Austin + Jill – thanks for having a fantastic brunch wedding (I’m still dreaming about that quiche), and for inviting me along to photograph the first day of your marriage! Big hugs and best wishes to you both. :-)


jayson + jordyn MARRIED!! Black Hills Wedding Photography
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When planning a wedding, most people want the same basic things: a fun time, good company, and beautiful photos. Jayson & Jordyn achieved that wedding trifecta, with the help of Mother Nature sending a warm glow over the Black Hills from wildfires near and far. It was both erie and super gorgeous!

Side note: any other wedding photographers out there want to re-do their own wedding all the time? THIS DRESS made me feel that way – that blush layer under the lace was soooo lovely!

Of course, that lovely dress was even more jaw-dropping when it was on Jordyn. ;-)

The ‘group hug’ is my favorite silly/fun/somewhat candid photo for the wedding party – I love Jayson’s brother and Jordyn’s sister creeping behind them!! Hahaha!!

Jayson’s expression as they are pronounced husband and wife – priceless!!

More and more couples are opting to sneak away for a few minutes after the ceremony for some ‘just married’ portraits and I LOVE it! Who wouldn’t want to spend some quiet time together, walking, holding hands, dancing, and soaking in all those feelings together!

Jayson + Jordyn – I’m still feeling the love from this photo!! It’s couples like you who make this job so bittersweet – I LOVE spending time with you during your engagement session and on your wedding day, but I wish our time together didn’t go so fast! Thanks for being so fun and loving and for taking a selfie with my so I can remember how sweet and wonderful you both are. :-)


weston + ashlee MARRIED!! Custer State Park wedding
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The Game Lodge at Custer State Park is a favorite of mine for so many reasons – the lighting is fantastic anytime in the afternoon, my husband and I got engaged at the top of the trail that begins near Lovers Leap deck, and now it’s practically my back yard since we moved to the park! Weston + Ashlee getting married at this location made it that much sweeter with their gorgeousness and easygoing personalities.

Weston + Ashlee – Thanks so much for having me take pictures of you on your wedding day! We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day! :-)


evan + jessie MARRIED!! Black Hills wedding photography
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Backyard weddings are quite literally a breath of fresh air. Family is the main focus of the day, and everything unfolds in its own special way.

Do you think anyone would notice if Jessie walked on to a movie set in place of Jennifer Lopez?

The sun was playing peekaboo behind the clouds most of the afternoon, making portraits really tricky but also really great because soft, romantic light is my jam!!

If J-Lo, I mean Jessie, hadn’t been getting married, I could have followed these kids around with my camera all day!!

Wedding time!!!


Jessie with her mom and sister watching a video that Evan’s sister put together. *Cue the waterworks!!*

Dancing under twinkle lights!!!!! Backyard weddings are officially my new favorite!!!

You know how I know Evan is going to be a great husband? Because of the how he makes his mom and sister smile. :-)

Thanks, Evan + Jessie for a fantastic day! Best wishes to you both – I will be thinking of you these next two years as you navigate the ins and outs of long-distance marriage!

niel + kayla MARRIED!! Sylvan Lake wedding photography
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Every time I say “this wedding was so much fun” I feel like you probably don’t believe me because I say it so often (what can I say, I work with the best couples!!). But guys, this wedding was seriously SO MUCH FUN!! Walkie-talkie code names, matching custom Converse, and FUNNEL CAKES!!! This was one day that I didn’t want to end, but thank goodness for photos to take us back in time, amiright?! :-)

This next one is my FAVORITE!!!! Excuse me while I take my family here to re-create this photo so I can hang it on my wall at home!!!

Post-ceremony portraits are some of my favorites! While these two are naturally smiley, there’s something about that ‘just married’ feeling that seems to radiate excitement from a newly minted husband and wife. Plus, any concerns about climbing/sitting on boulders in the middle of a lake seem to disappear. ;-)

I feel like this is a good representation of Niel + Kayla’s relationship… Niel being silly yet strong, sweeping Kayla off her feet and laughing all the way. :-) And yes, that is a game cam strapped to the corner, which I’m sure contains a plethora of shenanigans from the dance floor!


Niel + Kayla – Thanks for being so fun and goofy and chill and gorgeous. Thanks for scrambling up that giant rock after your ceremony!!! Thanks for having awesome style and amazing friends. Thanks for loving funnel cakes enough to have them at your wedding. Thanks for trusting me to be your photographer – I hope you enjoy looking at these photos for a long, long time, and please let me know when you’re ready for another session (anniversary/vow renewal/anytime you’re in the hills) because I would love an excuse to hang out with you again! :-)