laura loves… november edition
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It’s funny that November is one of my favorite months. It is when snow starts to fly, coats are mandatory, and Christmas songs are played before Thanksgiving – all of which are things I don’t care for. But the things I LOVE about November far outweigh the cold weather – like having a garage to park our cars in. :-) This leads me to this month’s installment of ‘laura loves…’ :-)

1. Thanksgiving with my family – in particular, reading to my nephews. This is the only time they willingly sit on my lap and snuggle with me. Next time I visit, I’m going to bring the biggest, longest story book EVER so they never stop cuddling with me. :-)

2. My birthday cake – my sister-in-law makes delicious home-made cakes. One year she made a spiced caramel rum cake (my mouth still waters at the thought of it!!) but this year she experimented with a recipe she has wanted try for a long time. Molten lava chocolate cakes. Yeah. She sets the bar high.

3. Nail polish – about a month ago, I went searching for the perfect shade of peachy-pink nail polish. And then I couldn’t.stop.buying.nail.polish. “I wonder how this sweater brown color would look on me?” and “Oooh, mint green would be fun!” FYI, the perfect shade is a mix of the first two colors, but it takes three or four coats to get it just right. Which means getting that perfect shade without smudges makes for a really time-consuming project.

4. Taking photos at the Cathedral in Rapid City – the Cathedral will be celebrating their re-dedication this spring and they needed some updated photos for a booklet that will be put together. Yours truly got to climb up five levels of scaffolding to document every stained glass window, station of the cross, painting and plaque. Not my typical job with a camera in hand, but it was definitely fun to stretch my comfort level (who wants to go to Six Flags or ride a zip-line with me??) and do something out of the ordinary.