best of 2012 WEDDINGS
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The weddings I have photographed in 2012 have exceeded all of my expectations – so many couples full of love, hugs, excitement and more! I’m sure you are tired of me saying this, but I LOVE my couples!! I love their love for each other, their love for life, and their love for great photos. :-)

Looking through these, you’ll notice a lot of my favorite images from weddings this year were not just portraits, but moments. Getting ready, first looks, exchanging rings, stealing glances. These moments are so much more beautiful and precious to me (and my couples) than anything – even cute shoes. And you all know how I love cute shoes. :-)















Jaime’s first look with her dad – I melt.






























This is my blog, so I get to make up my own rules, right? These last few images are not technically ‘wedding photos’ but are from the day after. So that’s close enough! Ryan + Jaime’s day after session was, hands down, THE MOST FUN I’ve ever had behind my camera!!!



To all my couples who were married in 2012 – big hugs. I love what I do because of YOU!!  Thank you so much for including me in your big day and trusting me with your most precious and exciting memories of the ‘beginning of the rest of your lives.’ I know it’s cheesy to say, but I really do appreciate your love and support. :-)