laura loves… december edition
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Christmas came early, flowers were delivered and seasonal coffee creamer is in the house!!! Here are a few of my favorite things this month.

1. New custom flash drives!!! Thanks so much to Kristen at Flashbay for helping with my order. I can’t wait to start handing over wedding images to my 2013 couples with these!!!

2. Animal print flats – Up until a week or so ago, I’ve lived my life as a Plain Jane, wearing only solid colors. Mainly in the blacks/browns/teals/purples categories. My husband thinks my sudden intrest in ‘wild prints’ is because, now that we’re married, he is wearing off on me. To this I just smile and nod, because oftentimes he wears plaid shirts and camo print pants. Together. In public.

3. My new Canon G12 – I used to take my ‘big camera’ around with me everywhere. I never could decide which lens to bring, so I brought multiple. It was getting to be that whenever I would go see my nephews, I had enough gear packed to photograph a wedding. I opted for this camera because I can use manual camera settings and it works with the flashes for my ‘big camera.’ And yes, using it makes me feel twice as fly as a G6. :-)

4. Married life is a ‘blast.’ And sometimes a little unfair. Like when I’m stuck with the smaller foam dart gun.

5. Birthday flowers from Jolly Lane!!! My mister brought these home for me on my birthday and they lasted a very long time, so naturally they were one of my most favorite things this month.

6. My morning cup of coffee – and Peppermint Mocha creamer. Some people like a little cream with their coffee. I like a little coffee with my flavored creamer.