isaac is baptized + jonas is three!!
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This past weekend was my last free weekend until mid-October and I spent it with my family, celebrating my nephew Isaac’s baptism and Jonas’s third birthday!

Since I know Grandma is probably setting up camp next to the computer tonight, waiting for these photos…

Getting baptized!!


Isaac is already a month old!!

And Jonas is THREE!!!

And five minutes later he is DONE taking pictures.

I’m going to go ahead and assume that he LOVED his present from Aunt Laura:

But after everything was opened, it was his brand new train set that got the most attention. And not just from Jonas… dad and grandpa were playing with it, too! :-)

baby isaac – 9 months!!
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My nephew Isaac is officially nine months old!! Obviously this called for a trip to see him and take a few photos of his cuteness. :-)


I LOVE his big, blue eyes!!!


And his perfectly cute little lips!!


And of course I got to play with Jonas while I was there.


He’s so good at playing cards – I held all the cards in my hand and I picked one, then he picked one (or two or three) until all the cards were on the table. :-)

And yes, he’s wearing his train outfit I got him for Christmas. Over his Thomas the Train pajamas. :-)


Just chillin’ with my nephews!!


laura loves… december edition
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Ahh, December. The month of hot cocoa, cozy blankets, and CHRISTMAS!! Since my last edition of laura loves, I have celebrated my birthday twice, Thanksgiving and an early Christmas – so guess what my favorite things were… cupcakes and nephews! :-)

laura loves december 2013 edition

1. This year I celebrated my golden birthday! I always get excited when I see 11:27 on the clock. So much so, that I made my husband take a picture of me *being 27* at *11:27* on *November 27* – really, it’s the little things in life that make me happy. That and free birthday coffees from Caribou & Starbucks.  :-)

2. My family spent Thanksgiving weekend at my parents’ home to celebrate our annual ThanksgivingChristmas, and boy oh boy are my nephews growing up so fast!!

3. My younger nephew, Isaac, spent a good fifteen minutes pretending to be a kitten, sitting on my lap, and communicating only in meows. I didn’t mind one bit. Soon, Jonas came to ‘feed’ him some ‘kitty food’ and we all snuggled on the couch for a ‘cat nap.’ That right there, spending time snuggling and meowing, was more precious to me than any Christmas present. :-)

4. We had our first guests over for dinner!! I cooked and made cupcakes and put together a little golden birthday party dessert table. (Hey, I’m a wedding photographer, dessert *has* to be pretty!) It was so much fun to have friends over and stay up late playing dominoes. This might have to become another yearly tradition – you know, since I don’t have a company Christmas party… :-)


laura loves… november edition
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Hellooooo, November!!!!! This month, I am *so* thankful for my family and job that allows me to have a little bit of free time. A couple weeks ago, I went on a road trip to visit some of my favorite people in the whole wide world. Convenient, though, that they all live in the Dakotas… :-)

laura loves november 2013 edition

1. Coffea with my BFF, Jill!! Okay, so I was *really* excited about my Charlie Brown latte art and catching up with Jill, that I forgot to take a picture of the both of us. Next time, friend, I promise. :-)

2. Isaac – my younger nephew is a fan of hula hooping. It’s so much fun to watch him try over and over again until he gets a good spin (which he frequently does).

3. Jonas – my older nephew would be happy to read and play video games all day long.

4. My mom – I spent most of my road trip vacation with her, and here she is showing off a recent quilt she made.We spent hours upon hours visiting (until her Masterpiece Theater show was on and I had to be quiet), we baked numerous cupcakes, we shopped for fabric + antiques, we spent 10 hours together in a car and created stories that ‘you just had to be there’ for them to come across as funny on the internet.

Also, not pictured in my fun-filled road trip vacation were my husband, his parents + sister, my brother (who was totally surprised by our arrival for his birthday) and sister-in-law, my cousin and his wife and their little lentil (due April 2014) in Bismarck, and my aunt and uncle from Dickinson!


laura loves… september edition
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What a wonderful time of year! Time spent with my nephews and celebrating our first wedding anniversary makes for a memorable month. :-)

laura loves september 2013 edition

1. Isaac is three! He loves Thomas the Train, and his big brother loves helping blow out birthday candles. :-)

2. Jonas is in Kindergarten!! I’m sure his little brother misses playing with him all day long.

3. Our first anniversary! Thanks to all that sent warm wishes. We were staying with my parents for the weekend (I had a wedding on Saturday, and I can not WAIT to show you the images!!) so we celebrated by having lunch at Johnny Carino’s in Fargo.

4. Lindt Coffee Blast – I spotted this on an end cap in Target a couple weeks ago, and when I went back to get another last week, they were clearancing out! So naturally, I felt the need to buy as many bars as I could without looking like a hoarder. :-)