laura loves… september edition
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What a wonderful time of year! Time spent with my nephews and celebrating our first wedding anniversary makes for a memorable month. :-)

laura loves september 2013 edition

1. Isaac is three! He loves Thomas the Train, and his big brother loves helping blow out birthday candles. :-)

2. Jonas is in Kindergarten!! I’m sure his little brother misses playing with him all day long.

3. Our first anniversary! Thanks to all that sent warm wishes. We were staying with my parents for the weekend (I had a wedding on Saturday, and I can not WAIT to show you the images!!) so we celebrated by having lunch at Johnny Carino’s in Fargo.

4. Lindt Coffee Blast – I spotted this on an end cap in Target a couple weeks ago, and when I went back to get another last week, they were clearancing out! So naturally, I felt the need to buy as many bars as I could without looking like a hoarder. :-)