laura loves… july edition
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Oh, July, where do I start with my favorite things? Oh yeah, our baby! :-)
july laura loves


Every month I think “our baby is just so much fun,” but this month really has been fun! Elodie has mastered rolling from her back to her tummy, and is starting to sit up all on her own. She loves to be tickled and to play ‘peek-a-boo’ with her burp cloth. She also loves when mommy sings and dances with her – I just wish Little Bitty Pretty One was a longer song.

Another thing I’m loving this month are my succulent babies – since I started my leaf propagation journey back in May, there was so much growth on the leaves I felt I needed to move them into 2″ pots (so they could grow without being disturbed for quite a while). But then I over watered them and bugs started to grow and feed on their roots. :-( Back in to trays they went (this time without soil) and *finally* they are starting to grow new roots!

Is it silly how I wish my plants would grow faster and my baby would grow slower? :-)


luke + cori MARRIED!! Black Hills wedding photography
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Luke + Cori’s wedding was better than I ever could have imagined – and I imagined great things for them! Their first look, their vows, their willingness to pose for portraits whenever I wanted, all the thoughtful details, and the loving friends + family…. all of it was perfect!!studio lb black hills wedding photography 01

studio lb black hills wedding photography 02

studio lb black hills wedding photography 03

studio lb black hills wedding photography 05

studio lb black hills wedding photography 04

studio lb black hills wedding photography 06

studio lb black hills wedding photography 08

studio lb black hills wedding photography 09

studio lb black hills wedding photography 10

Wanna see the ‘glow’ of being a newlywed? Here you go! Luke + Cori opted out of a receiving line so they could snuggle with each other just a little bit more on their big day! (I didn’t mind one bit.)studio lb black hills wedding photography 11

studio lb black hills wedding photography 12

studio lb black hills wedding photography 13

studio lb black hills wedding photography 07

Now, I’m not one to usually share photos of speeches/toasts, but the way Cori looks at Luke just makes me go *awwwww* :-)studio lb black hills wedding photography 14

studio lb black hills wedding photography 15

Me during the reception: “I’d love to steal you guys for a couple minutes if that’s okay.”

Them: “Okay!”

BAM! Gorgeous light and a quiet little moment for them to soak in the fact that they’re MARRIED!!
studio lb black hills wedding photography 16

Luke + Cori – Thank you SO MUCH!! For being perfectly you on your wedding day. For letting your love be silly and beautiful and for sharing it with all of us. The world needs more couples like you to show us just how fun being married can be. :-)studio lb black hills wedding photography 17


ken + natalie MARRIED!! Spearfish wedding photography
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Ken + Natalie had the most beautiful day in Spearfish Canyon for their wedding. Plus, they were surrounded by the most wonderful + supportive families, so all in all it was a pretty magnificent day. :-)
studio lb spearfish wedding 01

Outdoor ceremonies tend to go quickly, but they are always full of sweet (and sometimes silly) lb spearfish wedding 02

studio lb spearfish wedding 03

studio lb spearfish wedding 04

studio lb spearfish wedding 05

studio lb spearfish wedding 06

These next two are my favorites!studio lb spearfish wedding 07

studio lb spearfish wedding 08

studio lb spearfish wedding 09

studio lb spearfish wedding 10

I love how the Latchstring at Spearfish Canyon Lodge feels like a giant living room – a cozy place for everyone to mingle and enjoy their meal!studio lb spearfish wedding 11

studio lb spearfish wedding 12

Ken + Natalie – it was so great to meet you! It was such a pleasure to watch you get married and witness all the love that your family and friends have for you. I can tell you are going to have a long and happy life together! :-)studio lb spearfish wedding 13

jaden + megan MARRIED!! Deadwood wedding photography
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Get ready for a whole lotta glam gorgeousness!!! Jaden + Megan’s wedding was held at the Martin + Mason Hotel in Deadwood, which was the perfect setting for their big lb deadwood wedding 01

Megan – you are STUNNING!!! I wish you could wear your wedding gown every day because it was PERFECT on you!!studio lb deadwood wedding 02

studio lb deadwood wedding 03

studio lb deadwood wedding 04

First looks melt my heart every time – but especially this time. :-)studio lb deadwood wedding 05

studio lb deadwood wedding 06

studio lb deadwood wedding 08

studio lb deadwood wedding 07

studio lb deadwood wedding 10

studio lb deadwood wedding 09

Wedding ceremonies are pretty special, but it’s the unexpected moments that make them unforgettable. Like when flower girls go back to pick up the petals, or when your uncle officiating the ceremony mis-pronounces your husband’s name. ;-)studio lb deadwood wedding 11

Guess what my favorite moment of the day was? This one!! After Jaden + Megan were pronounced husband and wife and walked back down the aisle, *this* happened. And it was so, so beautiful. :-)
studio lb deadwood wedding 12
studio lb deadwood wedding 13

studio lb deadwood wedding 14

Is it silly that my favorite part about the Martin + Mason are their hardwood floors and chairs? I want this to be my dining room!!studio lb deadwood wedding 15

Okay, another favorite moment – the way the held each other during their first dance… BEAUTIFUL!!! You guys can come model for me anytime, mmmkay? lb deadwood wedding 16

Jaden + Megan – Thank you so much for having me! I hope you have enjoyed your first few days as Mr. and Mrs. and continue to have as much fun as you did on your wedding day (because it was a *lot* of fun). ;-)studio lb deadwood wedding 17

joe + brittany ENGAGED!! Sioux Falls engagement photography
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Remember when these two got engaged on top of a mountain? Well, now they are about to get married, and I couldn’t help but meet up with them one last time before they do! Can’t you just *feel* the excitement and anticipation of their upcoming wedding day?studio lb sioux falls engagement 01

studio lb sioux falls engagement 02

studio lb sioux falls engagement 03

studio lb sioux falls engagement 04

Oh, hello, Miss Paris!! Lovely for you to join us! :-)studio lb sioux falls engagement 05

studio lb sioux falls engagement 06

studio lb sioux falls engagement 07

studio lb sioux falls engagement 08

studio lb sioux falls engagement 09