7. make my bookshelf pretty… CHECK!!
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What does one do when it’s threatening to blizzard outside?

Make one’s bookshelf pretty!!

merry christmas …again!!
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I hope everyone had a great Christmas weekend and is ready for the new year!!

Lance and I spent Christmas at his parents’ this year and we finally took some pictures together so I can update a couple picture frames at my apartment. Yay!

No photo shoot at their house is complete without one goofy pose.

Me with Lance’s family – yes, I tower over all the girls. I probably should not have worn my heels for this photo.

6. organize my office… CHECK!!
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When I got my new roll-top desk, I had so many more drawers than an organization-loving girl could ask for! My last desk had one big drawer for my hanging files. Naturally, I needed to find a way to organize all the things that needed to be in my ‘office,’ therefore claiming a spot on my 101 in 1,001 list.

When I got this desk, I gained space for everything I need for my office. I even have a drawer dedicated to packaging. Every time I get a print order, I open my ‘packaging drawer’ to find my box cutter, tape, scissors, ribbon, brown Sharpie markers, thank-you notes and business cards. (YAY!!)

Aren’t these miniature drawers the cutest? Three of them are still empty because I just can’t decide what to fill them with!! Oh, the joys of having too many places to put things. :-)

And of course, the fancy-schmancy roll top itself! Whenever my desk is messy, I can just roll the top down and it looks all tidy!!

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Kayla was so much fun and SO easy to photograph – she’s got a great smile but can turn it off in an instant for a quick serious pose. Not many girls can pull that off! And to top it off, she can look great in SUPER cold weather. I was wearing my down coat to keep warm, and she was wearing short-sleeved shirts and tights!!

Kayla – Thanks for being a rockstar – I admire you for willing to take pictures in such cold weather! Honestly, it took me a couple hours to completely warm up after our session!!

Nancy and Rachel – Thanks for being a great team and helping out with outfits, shoes and keeping warm in the car. :-)

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ridiculous postage
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For those of you who received a package from studio lb from mid-September through October, I’m sorry.

I received a box from my mom yesterday and I asked if her stamp stash was running low after sending me that. “What are you talking about?” “Mom, half the box is covered in stamps!!”

I had no idea this is how the Post Office put postage on packages.

It looks like sticker art from my 3-year-old nephew.

So there it is. $7.05 in 44- and one-cent stamps.