laura loves… november edition
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It’s not very often that I even try to take a photo of Elodie and Milo together. This is why:

Allowing them to play with a stuffed animal was the only way they could stay focused long enough to get a half-decent photo. But then again I kinda love how excited Elodie is to balance the kitty on Milo’s head, and Milo is being so tolerant of her shenanigans. #siblinglove

This month, Elodie is saying sentences with up to 4-6 words! My favorite phrases are:

“GUYS” when Lance and I are having a conversation that doesn’t include her.

“Ahh, so nice.” when I wiped the snot off her nose.

“Thank you, ma” whenever I ask her to please do something. “Elodie, can you please put your plate in the dishwasher?” “Thank you, ma!”

“Too hot? Juss white (just right)?” asking about the food on her plate.

She loves to play puzzle and watch ‘Doc show’ (Doc Mcstuffins) when Milo is sleeping. She also really enjoys window clings and painting and Play Doh.

Milo is turning into a little love bug. If I am laying on the floor, he will crawl over to give me a snuggle – resting his head on my chest or leg. When strangers (anyone he hasn’t seen in over a week) approach, he’ll wrap his arms around us and snuggle in real close.  He can bark like a dog (high pitched squeak with a whole body twitch), and snort like a pig. When I’m putting his socks on, he will lift his foot up in the air for me. He loves to hand over his toys and then hold his hand out to ask for them back.

We are enjoying a nice, mild fall! It’s so nice to be able to take the kids out to enjoy some fresh air!