just like grandpa
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Sometimes I wonder where I get my quirkiness from. The puns and quick wit are definitely from mom. My ears are from my dad. But why do I care about the number on my car’s odometer?

Grandpa Braun.

On one of Grandpa’s trips to town, his odometer hit a really cool number. I don’t know what it was, but you can believe he pulled over and waited for someone to drive by to show it off. (He must not have had his videocamera with him… he videotaped EVERYTHING!) The first person to drive past was my cousin, so thankfully Grandpa’s silly ways were only known to the family and those who heard the story.

Until now. Because I’m sharing it with the whole wide web. And because I had to somehow segway into my latest odometer excitement:

Mmkay so maybe I’m just as ‘cool’ as my grandpa was, but if you can’t find joy and entertainment in the little things in life, when can you? :-)