james + jennifer MARRIED!!
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You’re right, my wedding season was over… for my business… but that doesn’t mean I can’t be a guest at a wedding!! :-) I couldn’t help but bring my camera to Montana for my cousin James’ wedding. I didn’t take a ton of photos because catching up with TWELVE aunts and uncles and tables full of cousins takes a lot of time! I can honestly say it was fun to not be the photographer for once… but only because I had so many relatives to talk to!! :-)

My family is very witty. And punny. So seeing this sign as we drove up to the motel, I knew it would make for a lot of jokes throughout the day.

Obviously my dad was not the one to liven up the Dull Kilzer wedding. Here he is taking a pre-wedding nap:

Brayden was also a little sleepy:

Mr. and Mrs. Kilzer!!

My cousins have such beautiful children!!