fabian + alysse MARRIED!! Big Horn wedding
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If I could describe Fabian + Alysse’s wedding in three words, they would be: colorful, heartfelt, and dancy (like fancy, only full of dance). While it’s been one of the greenest Septembers around here, their details were full on fall – we basically had the whole rainbow represented in their decor, plus the Big Horn backdrop!

These two also wore their hearts on their sleeves. No poker faces here! Fabian beamed as Alysse walked up the aisle towards him, while Alysse tried to hold back some tears, and they both sneaked a few smiles at each other during the ceremony.

Still wondering about ‘dancy?’ Everyone danced in to the ceremony. The wedding party had their own song, Fabian had his own song, his daughter had his, and they all showed their best moves as they made their way up the aisle! So, so fun!

Check out those sweet moves!! Like father like daughter. ;-)

Fabian said he was most excited to have all his close friends and family in one room, Alysse wanted photos to go fast… so all the portraits of just the two of them were all taken within seven minutes!!!

Then, as soon as we got back to the reception, the dancing continued, and I’m not sure it ever stopped!

Ok I guess it did stop for a moment while everyone gave their speeches. The highlight of the night was Fabian’s daughter’s speech – talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve!! This girl is clearly so strong and loved, to give such a beautiful, honest speech straight from the heart!

And more dancing. This time a bit more romantic. I love how couples just melt into each other during their first dance – every movement is all natural, all them, and it’s such a beautiful thing to witness.

Fabian + Alysse, thank you so much for bringing me all the way to Montana for your beautiful wedding! I hope your first week of marriage has been wonderful!