trevin + audrey ENGAGED!! sioux falls engagement photography
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Trevin + Audrey first met when she was working at a hospital and he was a flight medic – he landed on the roof to pick up her patient but did NOT fly off with her number. Not yet, anyway. There were a few more patients exchanged before their numbers were exchanged and the teasing of ‘which is better, the paramedic or the nurse’ began. :-)

When I met Trevin + Audrey this weekend for their engagement photos, it was their one year dating anniversary that day – what better way to celebrate, right?! I tell couples the engagement session is a lot like a date night – lots of hugging, snuggling, kissing and giggling. Trevin + Audrey did just that AND they did it so well!

Trevin + Audrey – thanks so much for choosing me as your wedding photographer! I am counting down the days until your wedding…and your cupcakes. :-) And thanks again for the beautiful flowers!!