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Nearly twelve years ago, I became buddies with Maggie… through the big buddy/little buddy system at school. Every sixth grader was assigned one or two kids from kindergarten. We would do activities and art projects together. Good times were had by all. :-) A couple years after that, I started babysitting Maggie and her younger brothers (Amanda was old enough to take care of herself, and help me make food and clean dishes).

When I was a senior in high school, I remember thinking how grown-up Maggie was now that she was in the sixth grade and had her own little buddy. Fast forward six MORE years and HER little buddy is now going to get a little buddy this year at school!!!!! CRAZY!!!

Now, Maggie is filling her summer with sports camps and work. And she looks GOOD doing it!! :-) I can’t remember how many times I told her how pretty she looks. Apparently it was too many, because she called me out on it. Sorry Maggie. But you ARE!! And I’m going to SHOW you!!! :-)