beau + lisa ENGAGED!!
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Is it just me or are “what a small world” moments just the best?! Lisa was coming to the Newman Center in Brookings as I was just about to graduate, and I met Beau several years ago at Youth Business Adventure.

Beau + Lisa met in college. They had a class together, but they didn’t meet each other until Lisa’s roommate set them up. The next day after meeting, Lisa made it a point to look great in class. Beau overslept. The next class Lisa gave up on looking good if Beau wasn’t going to show up, and was back in her sweats. Beau came in and sat next to her. He sent her a text message to ask her out for coffee after class. Sitting right next to her. (What ever happened to passing love notes in class?!) Coffee went GREAT!

Fast forward a few months…. on Halloween Lisa was getting ready to go out to eat with Beau. Her roommate had just left and called her to tell her to come down to the parking lot immediately – her car had been vandalized!! Lisa raced downstairs to see her car covered in sticky notes. And on the back of her car the sticky notes spell out “will you marry me?” and there’s Beau. With the ring. *awwwww*