zack + betsy MARRIED!! sioux falls wedding photographer
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The first wedding of the season always sets the bar for me. And this year, that bar is set higher than the sky! Everything about Zack+Betsy’s day was so perfectly meaningful. So wonderful. So them! I’m sure they got asked ‘You’re getting married on a Tuesday?! In a bistro?!’ all the time. But of course they picked Tuesday – it was March 20th… exactly three years after their first date. And now it will be the most memorable Tuesday of their lives. :-)

Even the bistro has a special history – it was where they had one of those ‘really good’ dates. With a great conversation and a decision to stay together forever. Parker’s in Sioux Falls will now be the most memorable bistro of their lives. :-)

Probably two of my favorite images from the day!! Betsy helping her daughter get dressed + Betsy’s mom and daughter helping her get dressed. :-)

You can tell a lot about a couple by the way the groom looks at his bride. These two? They’re TOTALLY in love. :-)

I have SO many favorite parts about their ceremony!!

1. Betsy’s friend became ordained so she could officiate the wedding!

2. The guitarist played Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg.


3. This moment. :-)

Okay, and this moment, too! Love exciting exits!! :-)

ceremony + reception | Parker’s Bistro, Sioux Falls, SD

wedding gown | David’s Bridal

flowers | HyVee

guitarist | Geoff Gunderson

Zack + Betsy – I cannot thank you enough for having me photograph your wedding! I hope you’re having a wonderful time enjoying your marriage! And seriously think about a Black Hills honeymoon!! I know all the great places (and faces) to see! :-)

Nora – You make a wonderful Cinderella! I hope someday you find your Prince Charming, and that he is as perfect for you as Zack is for your mom! :-)