turtle tart
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I really have no clue what qualifies a dessert as being a ‘tart.’ I would imagine something fancy, bite-sized and lemony. Because lemons are tart, right?

So I’m browsing recipes online and I find one for a Turtle Tart. It looks nothing like what my imagination would call a ‘tart,’ but it does look AMAZING. It has chocolate. caramel. and pecans. and looks fancy.

I am planning on making supper with my dear friend Halley tonight and I thought it would be nice to bring dessert. I had already gathered all the ingredients to make this fabulous ‘tart,’ so why not try out a new recipe?

And just to make sure it wasn’t deadly, I tried a piece. Because I’d hate for Halley to get sick just because I wanted to try a new recipe.

And it was good.

And will be tonight after supper.

And every day for a month because it made a whole 9×13 pan and it is so rich, you can’t eat a whole piece without a glass of milk.