staycation marathon
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For the past three weeks, I have been on three almost back-to-back staycations. First, my bff Jill was here for a long weekend. We ate, we hiked, we laughed. Then, Lance’s family came to camp in Custer State Park for a long weekend. We shopped, we grilled, we walked. And for the past five days my parents have been staying at my apartment. We drove, we cooked, we baked. Kuchen. correction – kuchens. One recipe made six ‘pies.’ We made two strawberry-rhubarb, two apple, one raisin and one craisin. And now I only have one strawberry-rhubarb (saving the best for last) and parts of one apple and the raisin. I might have had three slices for breakfast today, but it’s okay because “I’m on staycation!!”

undefined Now, back to ‘work’ and regularly scheduled programming. Coming up next – John + Rachel‘s wedding at the Chapel in the Hills!!!