spray tanning
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I was recently asked what I thought about brides/grooms getting a spray tan for their wedding, so I thought I’d use this opportunity for another wedding tip to share! I think it’s definitely a healthier alternative than tanning beds. However, it probably isn’t wise get your very first spray tan the day before the wedding.

(click on the image to see Ross from Friends and his spray tan experience)

Okay, so hopefully you’ll know better than to count Mississippilesly. :-)

But seriously, I think that if you’re going to get a spray tan for your wedding, definitely do a trial run a month or two before the wedding. Find out how your skin reacts to it and how long the tan takes to fade. Hopefully you’ll be able to schedule the tan early in the week before your wedding. In case something does go wrong, or you feel you’re too dark/unnatural right after the spray tan, you’ll have a few days for it to wear off (on regular clothes instead of your wedding attire).