nathan + emily ENGAGED!!
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I have known Emily since fifth grade and she is still the cutest. thing. ever!! She and Nathan have been together for three and a half years now and are planning their wedding for October. Last night was the first time I met Nathan and it was so much fun to watch them interact and love on each other! :-) We walked all around her grandparents’ farm taking photos, and after we were done we went inside for some dessert (grandma always has good dessert) and spent the rest of the evening catching up and reminiscing. It’s more fun now to catch up with Nathan there because then we get to hear both sides of the story. ;-)

This next photo is sooooo THEM!!

This is Emily’s old playhouse at grandma + grandpa’s! Who knew she would be getting kisses from her fiance in front of it twenty years later?! :-)

Nathan + Emily – thanks so much for making the trip down last night. I hope all is well now with your car!! If I have any trouble on my way up for the wedding, I know who to call (not Emily)!! ;-)