my nephews love me
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That’s right, they love me so much they came to stay with me in my one-bedroom apartment for an entire weekend!! We went to Dinosaur Park, went swimming, went to Storybook Island, had a picnic, played at the park, and of course, TOOK PICTURES!!

Jonas will be four years old in less than two months!!

Jonas loved Dinosaur Park – as soon as we ran up to one dinosaur, he would spot the next one and run to it. Pretty much the fastest trip to Dinosaur Park ever.

The next day we went to Storybook Island. Same thing happened again – Jonas ran from one storybook scene to the next. Isaac was a bit more laid back – as in he can’t run yet so it was much easier to grab photos of him. :-)

He is 11 months old and he loves to pull himself up your legs and grab your hands and start walking!

After bath time, Lance went to pick up some pizza for supper and we had a chance to get some more cute pictures showing off Isaac’s new teeth and haircut! Remember when he had almost black hair when he was born??

The background is my ‘grandma quilt’ – she always made crazy quilts with her fabric scraps and a couple years ago for Christmas, my mom finished two of her unfinished crazy quilts and gave them to me and Ben. Isaac will never know his Great Grandma Braun, but he is certainly as cuddly as her quilts! :-)

My brother got a Nook for father’s day, but I have a feeling someone else is getting a lot of use out of it, too. Jonas is definitely his father’s son. :-)

Thanks for coming and visiting me, boys!