learning is fun
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Isn’t it funny how when I was in college I couldn’t wait to be done with school? I even picked a major that allowed me to graduate in three years instead of four. But now that I have my own business and I am solely responsible for my success (or lack thereof), I have this (almost obsessive) urge to do anything and everything better and now I can’t STOP learning new things!!

I am constantly working on my web presence, relationships with my clients, workflow enhancements, shooting techniques and everything in between.

I recently went to my very first workshop and it was so. much. FUN!! It was like college, but way more exciting. Not only did I learn lots of new tips and tricks, but I got to know my two favorite photographers on a more personal level (instead of just following their blog). That’s right, I finally got to meet bobbi+mike!! I think I laughed just as much as I learned. They both have amazing strengths that compliment each other and their business, and they are so energetic and so much fun to be around!

What’s strange about this experience is that I didn’t take a single photo while I was in Indianapolis for the workshop!! Apparently I was too busy learning and chatting with my new photographer friends. :-)

But I’m guessing you’re more interested in seeing photos than reading about my excitement to learn… so here’s a photo of me and Lance from Easter (it would be in color but our outfits clashed…so black and white it is! :-))