laura loves… may edition
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I feel like May had been a long time coming for everyone in the Midwest! With so many April snowstorms, we couldn’t wait for green grass and lilacs, and May did not disappoint!

There were a couple of really beautiful foggy days right around Mother’s Day, so of course we had a mini photo shoot in our backyard before heading to church! Also, Elodie now knows how to wink. ;-)

Both kids love to spend their time outside now that it’s warm enough out to play! They also cooperate sometimes for impromptu photos. :-)

Elodie and Milo are both getting to be so grown up! I just put away Milo’s 12mo clothes and Elodie said, “He’s growing up so fast! I’m growing slow.” But she is growing up fast, too! She talks a mile a minute, narrating every part of her day (sometimes in song) and has now decided to simply not listen to mommy and daddy when she doesn’t want to do something. #threenager