laura loves… january edition
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January was so good to us this year! There were lots of warm weather days for us to walk and play outside. The kids also got two new baby girl cousins that we can’t wait to meet! And finally, Elodie turned three!!!

I started keeping a notebook of things the kids do and say, and in just one month I can see how much Elodie has grown! Her sentences are getting longer, and she is becoming more outgoing (shaking hands at the sign of peace during church). She is also trying to outsmart us. During her birthday photoshoot, I asked her to please look at me, and she started looking all around, up and down, everywhere *but* at me.

Elodie and her brother are getting really good at playing together/by themselves, but when Elodie wants my attention, she puts her face right in front of mine and says ‘look at me.’

Milo loves to pull himself up to the couch, but is afraid of sitting down. This sometimes makes going down for naps tricky. He’ll stand up in protest, and then will keep ‘protesting’ because he’s stuck standing instead of laying down snuggling his favorite blanket.