laura loves… february edition
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Oh February… you give us more daylight and a wonderful excuse to stuff our faces with endless amounts of chocolate. Let’s be friends forever, k?

Number 1 of my monthly favorites for a reason… the one and only card I received for Valentine’s Day – from my 5-year-old nephew. But don’t think my husband didn’t spoil me just because this was the only card I got – he surprised me the day before with Mostly Chocolates caramels and a lovely bouquet from Jolly Lane – which is still looking great two weeks later!!

2. Bailey’s Caramel Irish Cream Cake –  This Pinterest-inspired cake quickly became a disaster when we decided that flouring the 9″ pans was unnecessary  My friend Halley and I were picking up large crumbs off the counter to re-assemble the layers of cake before using the ganache as a glue and pouring the frosting on, since spreading frosting onto this cake simply would not do. This was definitely not a pretty cake. However, it tastes WONDERFUL and so we have been too busy chowing down to stop and take a photo… until now… when it is half-eaten… and even less pretty. :-)

3. Colorful file folders – Twice a month, the creative side of me would dread filing my receipts. My folders were all different colors, the tabs didn’t match, and some folders weren’t even being used! I decided that by prettifying my file drawer, my right and left brain would both enjoy this chore.

4. Crafting bracelets – February is the perfect month to snuggle in with a blanket on the couch and mindlessly string beads while watching Live with Kelly & Michael.

5. Shamrock Shake  – mmmmm hmmmmm!