laura loves… august edition
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It has been another wonderfully busy month, but some of my favorite things have been the simplest things. Funny how that works. :-)

1. Playing outside with my nephew, Jonas. We played ‘that one hiding and guessing game’ for a looong time one afternoon, and every time we went outside after that, guess what he wanted to play? He would hide behind the boards of his playground tower and I would guess “What could possibly be so fast and sneaky and stripe-y and hairy? A cheetah? No, cheetah’s don’t have stripes. A snake? No, snakes don’t have hair. Hmm, what could it be?” I had to start making up imaginary animals!!

2. Snuggling with my nephew, Isaac. We are two peas in a pod – neither of us like being woken up from a nap, but both of us love to snuggle!! :-)

3. Coffea date with my bride, Terra, and bff, Jill. Oh, how I miss you beautiful girls!!

4. Fruit snacks. I’m trying my best to eat healthier, and my favorite snack is fresh fruit. Sprinkled with just a bit of Truvia. Or sometimes blended with some POM juice. Yummm.