laura loves… april edition
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It’s that time again!!! :-) Welcome to the April edition of ‘laura loves…’ I am SO excited to share my new favorite things with you!

1. Victoria’s Secret’s Daily Glow Gradual Tan Moisturizer – it’s like summertime in a bottle. It smells good compared to other sunless tanning lotions I’ve used in the past AND it gives me some color while I wait patiently for summer to arrive.

2. Yankee Candle Samplers – I get tired of smelling the same candle all the time, so I like to use these small ones so I can move on to a different scent after a while! I recently purchased the Pineapple Cilantro scent. It smells like Tropical Starburst. Which is good because I like Tropical Starburst, but bad because my mouth waters for Tropical Starburst every time I burn my candle. :-)

3. Despicable Me – yes, I know I’m behind on the bandwagon. My bff Jill made me watch this movie a few weeks ago and I HAD to buy it immediately. It hasn’t left my DVD player since and I find myself saying things like “oh yeah!!!” “pause for effect…” “you’ve got to be pulling on my leg,” and, of course, “it’s so FLUFFY!!” all. the. time.

4. bobbi+mike – are pretty much the most amazing photographers EVER. I have been following their work for over a year now and….

5. I’m going to be at their WORKSHOP in FIVE DAYS!!!! I can’t wait to rub elbows, meet new photographer friends and learn some new tricks!!

6. Photoshelter – speaking of learning new tricks, this winter I have been doing a lot of independent ‘continuing education.’ When I’m not photographing weddings or engagement sessions or newborns, I am working on improving my business. Photoshelter has some great resources in the ‘free reports’ section of their website, so all you photographers out there, check it out!