john + tiffany ENGAGED!!
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I met John + Tiffany for the first time last night and I already can’t wait for their fall wedding in Wahpeton!! Tiffany is from Fairmount, so we reminisced about growing up in teeny-tiny towns and I had to explain to her all my relatives so she could take notes to bring back to her dad. :-)

John + Tiffany met a couple years ago at Tiffany’s son’s birthday party. John brought his son to the party, Tiffany’s mom gave her a little nudge, and as they say, ‘the rest is history!’ Now, in a few months these little guys are going to go from being best buds to brothers!! :-) John also has two girls who I got to hear lots of stories about (don’t worry, girls, nothing embarrassing! :-)) I can’t wait to meet the whole family in October!

I love smiley photos, but I also appreciate a rockin’ serious look and these two nailed it!! :-)

Another image worth all the mosquito bites:

Again, rockin’ the serious look: