john + rachel ENGAGED!! rapid city wedding photographer
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I love getting to know couples during their engagement session – it allows me to see a glimpse of their personalities and how truly in love they are. From John and Rachel’s session on Saturday, this is what I learned:

They love to run, hike and dig in the dirt (he’s a geophysicist, she’s a paleontologist).

The dinosaurs at Dinosaur Park are not the most accurate depictions of the ‘real deals.’ (Believe me, Rachel taught me all about how the T-Rex’s tail does NOT drag on the ground. :-))

Despite the historically incorrect figures, Dinosaur Park in Rapid City is where John and Rachel got engaged, making it the perfect location for a few engagement photos! :-)

As we’re walking down the hill, I stop for a couple more photos and Rachel announced that this was the very spot where John proposed.

Can I get a collective “awwwww?!”

I don’t know if it was my jokes, or how special John makes her feel, but Rachel was full of giggles and I LOVED it! :-)

A quick outfit/scenery change – don’t these two look great in anything and everything?!

Rachel – I was serious about your boots – they are sooo cute! It’s probably dangerous that we wear the same size shoe.

And last but not least… the ring!

John + Rachel – thanks so much for braving the ‘Indiana winter’ weather.

Also, a special shout-out to Shangri La: The Hideaway Boutique for the adorable outfits Rachel was wearing!