joe + becky ENGAGED!! rapid city engagement photography
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Joe and Becky are totally the cool kids I wish I could be. They do all the fun things I only dream of doing – like going to concerts and seeing Conan O’Brien and taking annual vacations together. I’m just so lucky that people like Joe + Becky want me to take photos because I just love getting to know their stories – especially how they met and fell in love. :-)

These two are so great at focusing on the good and laughing at the bad. On their first date, they saw a really terrible movie – but the rest of the date was really great and it started a wonderful relationship. When Joe wanted to propose to Becky at this one certain super-secluded spot, there was an onlooker. He proposed anyway and now it’s just a funny part of the story. It doesn’t matter if things happen perfectly or not for these two, they’re just happy to be living life together.

Joe + Becky – thank you so much for choosing me as your wedding photographer!! I have loved hearing all of your stories with funny twists, and I can’t wait to be there for the next part of your story!! September can’t come soon enough! :-)