jeff + alissa ENGAGED!! sioux falls engagement photography
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His plan was to work in Sioux Falls for four years, not meet anyone, and move on to the next big adventure. His plan worked for over two years. Until he got a roommate… who worked with Alissa. They met a few times, and even went out to Olive Garden together one evening, but she didn’t consider him her boyfriend until she flew back from spring break. And there he was. Waiting for her at the airport. With flowers. :-)

Grad school, new jobs, and six years down the road, their perfect time to get married is now. Well, technically June is the time they’ll be getting married, but you can bet I’ll be counting down the months along with Jeff + Alissa!! I had so much fun taking their engagement pictures at Augustana Campus in Sioux Falls – everything they did was just so easy and natural. And the way they make each other laugh so easily… I caught myself giggling with them a couple times!

Jeff + Alissa – I am so blessed to have met you and I can’t wait to be a part of your wedding day! Tears or no tears. ;-)