jael + brian MARRIED!! buffalo ridge resort, gary south dakota
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This weekend I had the privilege of second-shooting Jael’s (my former boss) wedding!! Everything was so picture-perfect – but what else would you expect for a photographer’s wedding! :-)

The wedding and reception were held at Buffalo Ridge Resort in Gary, South Dakota – Jael and her girls also spent the night before the wedding at the motel and all got ready together that morning. The resort has such picturesque areas that it was SO easy to get awesome photos!! I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the dress when I saw the lobby:

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_01

Jael relaxing and waiting for the girls to finish getting ready before she put her dress on:

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_02

Check out the bling!!

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_03

Their first look was SO romantic! I may have teared up a little at this point…

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_04

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_05

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_06

Jael and Brian had a horse-drawn carriage for the wedding and the crew showed up early enough to pose for a few photos:

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_07

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_08

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_09

The joy of second-shooting… :-) Here’s Missy and Dustin of ML Portraits from Watertown

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_10

Jael’s sisters had purple dresses, friends had green dresses, the guys wore their own suits and the boutonnieres were made by Jael.

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_11

Live music was performed before, during and after the ceremony and all through the reception:

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_12

The guys walked up to the ceremony while the girls got to ride in the carriage:

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_13

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_14

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_15

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_16

Brian wasn’t the only one excited to see Jael walk down the aisle with her parents:

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_17

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_18

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_19

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_20

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_21

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_22

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_23

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_24

Dear Hagmans Bakery,

I love you. And your wedding cakes. And your brownie bites. Please open a branch in Rapid City.

Sincerely, Laura.

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_25

Brian’s friends are such great guys, with even better stories!! Thanks for sharing them in your toasts!! :-)

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_26

Jael’s father and sister Bethany performed a song that he had written about his ‘little girl.’

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_27

Jael Trieb Brian Thorpe_28

Jael + Brian – Thanks so much for having me at your wedding! It’s truly an honor to photograph a couple so in love (and so talented)!! Hope you’re having a great honeymoon in Mexico!!!