ignoring my to-do list
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Running your own business is like a never-ending to-do list. Lucky for me, I love lists and crossing things off when I’ve accomplished something. But it’s also difficult for me to know when it’s okay to take a break and not think about what I should to add to my list.

So yesterday I told myself I NEEDED to relax, give my eyes a rest from the computer, and get myself some new tan lines. I went outside, I turned on my iPod and I had the pool all to myself… for about 15 minutes before this older guy with a big belly sat across the pool from me, rubbed sunscreen all over his body, then laid on his belly and pulled up his swim shorts to tan the backs of his thighs.

And that, my friends, what I get for taking a break from work and ignoring my to-do list. White, old man thighs.