happy thanksgiving, silly mongoose
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Apparently I enjoy visiting with my aunts, uncles and cousins way more than taking candid photos of them – I took ZERO photos on Thanksgiving!! It wasn’t until Saturday morning before we left that I realized I hadn’t taken the lens cap off of my camera! So now you get to see Jonas in his cute, little boy pajamas again!! :-)

Lance and I were both teaching Jonas the phrase “silly mongoose” (I think it means the person is even sillier than a goose). Lance would point at me and say “silly mongoose” and I would point at Lance and say “silly mongoose.” Jonas pointed at Lance several times when we asked who a silly mongoose was, he only pointed at me once. Therefore I win. Lance is the silly mongoose. Here’s Jonas right in the middle of saying ‘mongoose.’ (please disregard the bump/bandaid on his forehead… he bumped his head on a sharp edge, cried for maybe five minutes and then was fine with just a bandaid… he is a tough little guy)

silly mongoose

p.s. Don’t you love the green marker on his chin? Thank goodness for washable markers… I have never seen a two-year-old draw with markers and NOT have it all over their face/hands/clothes. :-)