happy birthdays to my nephews!!
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It’s that time of year again – the time for my family to get together to take our Christmas card photo… also commonly referred to as Jonas’s birthday. :-) Last weekend he celebrated his FOURTH BIRTHDAY!!! Here are a few facts about Jonas:

He loves shirts with numbers on them.

He believes cheesecake is the best kind of birthday cake.

He loves playing with his train set and anything having to do with Thomas.

He can read Blue Hat, Green Hat all by himself.

He loves the number 4. :-)

Here is his ‘superman’ pose. :-)

His real/laughing smile on the left, his cheesy/picture smile on the right.

With his new sock puppet, Arrrgyle the pirate.

And of COURSE there are photos of Isaac to show you! He turned one a month ago. Here are a few of his favorite things:

He loves his pacifier.

He likes to ‘read’ books, just like his big brother.

He loves playing in the dirt.

Running is his favorite.

Give this boy some rocks to play with and he is one happy camper!!

Isaac loves cake, too. :-)

Me and my nephews in our pjs!

I am so excited to update the picture frames around my apartment!!!