hannah class of 2013
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Let me just start by saying… I love this girl. She has helped me at a handful of weddings over the past few summers, and now that she’s starting her final year of high school, I finally had an excuse to photograph her beautiful face!! She laughs at all my jokes and she can make any pose I throw at her completely adorable just by being her. I wish I could photograph her every week. :-)

 Oh, and we also like try out new locations… and find hidden gems like this here and there. :-)

 And despite having a dog pee on her shoes, she still giggles like a sweetheart just for a great photo. Such a trooper!! :-)

 Round two: straight hair and more new locations!! Yay!!

 Hannah – thank you SO much for having fun with me and trying out all these new locations!! We’ve had lots of memorable adventures and I can’t wait for more to come!! :-)