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I FINALLY am totally and completely unpacked!! I know where everything is in my apartment, I just need to re-arrange a little bit more so that everything is where I want it to be instead of just where it got put when I was unpacking. :-)

My entryway hall:

new apartment 01

View of the kitchen and my office from the entryway hall:

new apartment 02

I have a dishwasher!!!! And Prairie Berry wine. :-)

new apartment 03

I heart Jim.

new apartment 04

My dining nook-turned-into-office:

new apartment 05

View of the living room/kitchen from my office:

new apartment 06

Yes, I kept the green couches.

new apartment 07

The living room. Again. From the other corner.

new apartment 08

On the left is the hallway to my bedroom and bathroom, on the right is my entry hallway.

new apartment 09

My loves:

new apartment 10

The bathroom.

new apartment 11

The bedroom. The throw quilt on my bed was my apartment warming gift from mom – she’s the best.

new apartment 12

Big closet. :-)

new apartment 13

Coming up next: Bri + Chad’s engagement sesson!!!!!