darin + michelle ENGAGED!! south dakota engagement photography
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They’ve been together for five years. They’ve talked about getting married. They’ve known they’ll spend the rest of their forevers together.

On one special ice cream date this spring, Darin handed Michelle hers with some special ‘icing’ on top, and without looking, Michelle started stirring. “What, I always stir my ice cream before I eat it!!” Michelle interrupts the story. Darin asks her how it is. If there’s anything special about this ice cream. She hits a hard piece of metal with her spoon, thinking her spoon is broken she pulls it out and the spoon is just fine. Darin isn’t as concerned about the hard chunk in her ice cream as she is. So she digs some more to find the (unintentionally) hidden treasure and Darin asks the question he’s been waiting so long (and now, even longer) to ask.

 And so it’s official – they’ll be tying the knot this November!!

It was so great seeing you guys the other night! I can’t wait for November!!