dan + kalina ENGAGED!!
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So I had my first ever slumber party with a client last night and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! I got to Yankton last night and had a great home-made meal followed by a sappy movie (yes, I cried, but so did Kalina, so there!! :-)) and root beer floats! This morning we got up early (but not quite at the break of dawn like Dan suggested) for their engagement photos!!

Kalina was telling her co-workers yesterday that her photographer was coming to stay with her… and she drove all the way from Rapid City!! Her co-workers thought she was pretty special. And she is. We’re pretty much BFF’s now. We met almost a year ago when they came to visit Lance and I out in Rapid City. We went to Deadwood, had supper, and Kalina and I watched Lance and Dan play some slots. A good time was had by all. Fast-forward to May when I photographed Kalina’s sister’s wedding, I got to hang out with Dan and Kalina yet again!! Needless to say, a great time was had by all.

So yeah, we’re pretty tight. ;-)

AND Dan + Kalina have an AWESOME engagement story!! Which makes me love them even more. They’ve been together nearly five years, and they went to look at rings a few months ago and came home overwhelmed and exhausted. Then there was all this wedding planning going on for Erika, so Kalina had pretty much had the idea of engagement rings on the ‘back burner.’ The night of Erika’s wedding, Kalina caught the toss bouquet. Dan was super excited, and Kalina had no idea why.

The next day, they’re getting ready for Richard + Erika’s gift opening and they go out to the garage to set things up. And Dan gets down on his knee!! He wanted her to be able to tell all of her family in person (how great is that!!) and then her DAD drives up to the garage and starts honking!! :-) Meanwhile, Kalina’s mom is inside, totally clueless, and Kalina comes in, crying, and her mom asks “what’s wrong?” and Kalina says “nothing, I’m getting MARRIED!!!!” :-D I’m assuming a lots of hugs and squealing happened, but that’s just my imagination talking.

Okay, enough trying to explain how cool my clients are…. just LOOK at them already!!

If you’re wondering, I pulled out my ‘old school’ action for some of these photos instead of just plain ol’ black and white – they’re planning an antique-y theme for their wedding, so I thought it was only fitting!! :-)

And we drove all over Mt. Marty for this next photo… I think it was worth it! :-)

P.S. Dan, nice work on picking out this ring!!

And I LOVE that they laugh together!!

Dan + Kalina – thanks again for having me over!! And for feeding me! I had such a great time hanging out with you and getting to know you better!! If you’re ever in Rapid again and need a place to stay, you have my number! I can’t wait for your wedding in February!!!