christmas time is near…
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I finally bought myself my very own Christmas tree!! Don’t hate me because it’s fake. It was only $25!!! Sadly the decorations cost way more than the tree itself. But I needed something bigger than my mini tree – it didn’t quite fill out my living room like a Christmas tree should. :-)

I saw this ornament at Target and instantly my thoughts changed from ‘it would be nice to have a bigger tree to decorate,’ to ‘I NEED A BIGGER CHRISTMAS TREE SO I CAN BUY THESE ORNAMENTS!!’ Funny how a $2 item can cause me to spend $50+!!

tree 01

The tree in it’s entirety…yes, those are glitter-covered balls. I don’t know what I was thinking.

I. Hate. Glitter.

And how it attaches itself to everything and you’re finding it in the strangest places days after you’ve even touched the ornament itself.

tree 02

The mini tree that now resides in my bedroom:

tree 03

tree 04