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Seriously. There has GOT to be something in the water in Rosholt!! I just can’t get over how GORGEOUS all these girls I’ve photographed are!! Kelsey and I had to get real creative with hiding from the RIDICULOUS wind yesterday. I won’t be back to Rosholt until September, so we had no other choice but to embrace the windblown look! :-)

Kelsey also re-kindled my affection for pop-tarts. I haven’t had any in a couple years, and she introduced me to the blueberry muffin kind. I’m hooked. Did someone say perfect mid-session snack?? :-)

Oh, and p.s., Kelsey ROCKED the serious look!!!! I’m so proud of her. :-)

Dear Kelsey, I love you for laying down in your dress. On the beach. You rock. Love, Laura.

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Another RHS senior of 2011!! Sarah came over for her portraits and I was impressed at how easy she was to pose! I kept saying “Sarah, you’re such a natural at this!” And then she told me that she watches ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ :-)

I couldn’t decide which of the next two I liked better. So you get to see both!! :-)

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Nearly twelve years ago, I became buddies with Maggie… through the big buddy/little buddy system at school. Every sixth grader was assigned one or two kids from kindergarten. We would do activities and art projects together. Good times were had by all. :-) A couple years after that, I started babysitting Maggie and her younger brothers (Amanda was old enough to take care of herself, and help me make food and clean dishes).

When I was a senior in high school, I remember thinking how grown-up Maggie was now that she was in the sixth grade and had her own little buddy. Fast forward six MORE years and HER little buddy is now going to get a little buddy this year at school!!!!! CRAZY!!!

Now, Maggie is filling her summer with sports camps and work. And she looks GOOD doing it!! :-) I can’t remember how many times I told her how pretty she looks. Apparently it was too many, because she called me out on it. Sorry Maggie. But you ARE!! And I’m going to SHOW you!!! :-)

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Griffin is one! He loves to stick his tongue out, play with his dump truck, be outside, and drool all over! :-) He is just as sweet as he was when I met him a year ago, and now he’s twice as cute!

Is it just me or are all kids extremely aware of their tongue at this age? :-)

How big is Griffin? Sooo big! :-)

Such a great looking family!

Griffin – Thanks for playing with me in the park! You do a great job of walking – you’re such a big boy!

Sarah + Justin – It was great seeing you again! I love watching how you interact with Griffin – he is so lucky to have such wonderful parents!

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I must admit, I work with some pretty gorgeous girls at the coffee shop!! Rachel agreed to do a fun, senior portrait style, photo shoot with me yesterday – I was so excited to be taking photos that I didn’t care about the gusting wind and threatening sprinkles!! Move over yucky weather, I want to take some pretty pictures!!

Thanks again, Rachel for being my model. :-)

Class of 2011 – get excited for senior pictures because I am ready!!