mark + becky
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I have the best cousins in the world. Every time I have a wedding far, far away from where I live, they move there so I can stay with them for a weekend!!

Okay, so maybe they moved for other reasons… but it was a perfect little coincidence that I was able to stay at their place in Grand Forks for Nathan + Emily’s wedding in northern Minnesota!!

For letting me stay at their place, I gave them a little photo shoot!! It’s pretty much a “win-win-win situation.”

Pink leaves!!! Grand Forks, you are too kind!!

p.s. Next time lets try not making funny faces when I have you look at each other. :-)

I’ve never been to Yale. I’ve only ever watched Gilmore Girls (thanks to Becky). But this photo from UND’s campus is pretty darn close if you ask me!

Since Mark is my cousin and technically these photos are a gift I can’t get in trouble for posting this, right?? :-)

Mark + Becky- Thanks again for letting me and my parents stay at your place last weekend!! After four years of marriage, you still know how to make each other laugh out loud, and that makes me SO proud to be your cousin!!!

p.s. Becky, I knew we couldn’t go all weekend without staying up past 1am!! Please come to visit me in Rapid soon!!! And bring Mark. If you want. :-)

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There are so many fun places in Madison to take photos, I could have spent all day there! John, on the other hand, was probably glad we were done after a couple outfit changes. :-)

kelly + katie + cambria + BABY!!
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Cambria is the cutest little almost-three-year-old girl you will ever meet!! And soon she will have a little sister who, I’m sure, will be equally as adorable!!

In this photo, Cambria reminds me a lot of myself when I was her age. I didn’t smile for the camera until I was in kindergarden.

Kelly + Katie – thanks so much for meeting me downtown the other night! It’s so much fun watching Cambria grow up and I’m so excited to meet your new baby girl!!

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I have known Jacob’s mom for a few years now, and when she found out that I did photography AND would be around to do his senior photos, it was decided right then and there that I would take them. Jake and his parents came over Monday after school and we did a quick session (because guys always take pictures faster than girls, it’s a scientific fact).

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Rachel is SO much fun to photograph – I had a blast taking her official senior photos today (as opposed to the unofficial ones we took back in May). She’s hilarious, beautiful, super-talented, and she has a great ‘just out of the shower’ hairstyle which makes me super jealous. My hair needs some serious lessons from this girl.

I could have sat and listened to her play harp all day long. Which is why I told her not to play, because I knew I would be there all. day. long.

Rachel- I’m so proud of you that you did this serious look all on your own!!! :-)

Did I mention this girl is gorgeous?! One moment she reminds me of Cindy Crawford, the next it’s Taylor Swift.

Apparently Rachel goes through pointe shoes like nobody’s business. These aren’t even all of them!! Just seeing that many pairs of old shoes makes my toes ache!! And I love shoes!!

Rachel- Thanks so much for having me take your senior photos! And thank your parents for having a great yard to take pictures at! And thank your mom for the brownies!!