matt + kate JUST MARRIED!! Black Hills Wedding Portraits
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Matt + Kate were one of those brave couples last weekend who wouldn’t let a snowstorm/blizzard/snowpocalypse stop them from getting married! (For those of you unfamiliar with the outrageous storm we had in the Black Hills last weekend – 2-5 feet of snow blew in to the hills on 50+mph wind gusts and left many people stranded and without power for days. Not the kind of weather anyone plans to get married in.)

But no amount of snow + wind + power outages was going to keep Matt + Kate from exchanging vows and having a small reception with their friends + family who had gotten to town well before the storm started. I imagine it was a beautifully intimate ceremony and fun evening all around!

However, with most roads being closed in the hills, Matt’s parents and I, among many other guests, were unable to attend Matt + Kate’s ‘winter wonderland wedding.’ So on Monday, as soon as I was plowed out of my neighborhood, I called these two lovebirds and we set up a ‘just married’ session up in Deadwood. And what a treat that Matt’s parents stayed an extra day to be a part of the ‘reenactment.’ :-)

studio lb snowy wedding photography 01

studio lb snowy wedding photography 02

studio lb snowy wedding photography 03

studio lb snowy wedding photography 04

studio lb snowy wedding photography 05

I wanted to re-create a part of their ceremony, so I had them face each other as if they were exchanging vows and I told them to think back on that special night they got married. Just then, Matt pulls his vows out of the pocket of his jacket. :-)

studio lb snowy wedding photography 06

studio lb snowy wedding photography 07

studio lb snowy wedding photography 08

studio lb snowy wedding photography 09

Matt + Kate – Thanks again for allowing me to come photograph you in your wedding attire! I think it is so beautiful that after two years of planning your wedding, the most important detail of the day was that you two became husband and wife!! Congratulations again, and hugs to you both! I know you will have the happiest of ever afters!studio lb snowy wedding photography 10

ryan + jaime DAY AFTER!! rapid city trash the dress photography
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I just knew September was going to be a great month.

Day one: Ryan + Jaime’s wedding… total bliss.

Day two: Ryan + Jaime’s trash the dress session… pure awesomeness.

Again. I have no words. Other than to say photographing these guys has been SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!!

 I love this photo for three reasons. 1: their expressions. 2: the water starting to soak their clothes. 3: their guests in the background waiting ever-so-patiently for them to get down that water slide!!! :-)

 Round one. :-D

I love how their hair got even cuter!!

 Awwww, can you tell these guys are so excited to be MARRIED?!?! :-)

 Time to share some of the fun!!

You. Guys. Rock. I love every single one of you for being a part of this!! :-)

 Y’all ready for this??

 Thanks to all my lovely assistants for rocking those splashes!!

 ….and another big sky photo – this time with a blue sky, dripping wet clothes, and some sweet dance moves. :-)

 Yes, I did get a big, wet hug after the session. :-) I didn’t mind. I actually wished I had brought my swimsuit (and a fancy dress) along so I could have joined in the festivities!!

 Ryan + Jaime – Seriously, I can’t thank you enough!!! For having me as your photographer. For having the wild idea to go down water slides in your wedding gown. For having such fun attitudes. For having beautiful blue eyes that match the pool water. For everything!! Hugs to you both and congrats again!

kent + leah DAY AFTER!!
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Well, more like three weeks and a day after. And not really a ‘trash the dress’ either because the dress didn’t get dirty!! I had her sitting on wet, dirty, rocky steps and she only got one teeny tiny spot on her dress. And I couldn’t even find it at the end of the session!

Because we were prepared for the dress to get a little dirty (even though it didn’t), Kent and Leah were willing to do anything to get great portraits! There was no stress over the wedding, and it was just them. Enjoying each other. Wearing their wedding clothes. And it was beautiful. :-)

Kent + Leah – thanks so much for making the trip to Rapid!! I had such a great time doing this session for you – I wish all my couples wanted to do this, it was so much fun!!!