tane + elle MARRIED!! Rapid City chapel wedding
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One of the greatest adventures in life is marrying your best friend. Tane + Elle made the first day of their marriage uniquely them by planning a small wedding at the Chapel In The Hills followed by pizza. However, all the unplanned moments are what truly made their day an adventure – one they’ll never forget!

Let’s start with the kids – they’re always the most entertaining! ;-) Allow me to give a little commentary on the following photos… First, one flower girl got a little carried away with her duties and started tossing petals prematurely, but both girls helped pick them all back up just in time. Next, one ring bearer hooked grandma’s hand (while Tane’s twin brother guarded a bouquet), but thankfully someone realized it before causing any damage! Whew! Finally, it was time to toss the petals. And the littlest ring bearer of all got stuck in a crack.

The fishing poles were the perfect last-minute addition for Tane + Elle’s wedding. They were going to have ring pops on the end (just like how Tane proposed) but I think this way turned out just perfectly (even with leaving the hooks on). :-)

I LOVE the look of excitement/entertainment in Elle’s face as she rounded the corner to see the hilarity of all the kids ahead of her, and Tane waiting for her!

Shortly after the ceremony started, Tane + Elle looked around at all their guests, and I love how they are each having a moment with everyone there with them!!

When I first arrived at the chapel for this wedding, Elle wasn’t sure if they remembered the marriage license. Turns out, Tane had it packed. Whew! But then, right before the ceremony, Tane realized he forgot the rings. This moment is when he’s telling Elle that he borrowed his brother and his wife’s rings.

Such a beautiful moment made even more memorable!! :-) The pastor had just talked about how they will spend their lives asking each other for forgiveness, and Elle said, “I forgive you already!!” when Tane put his sister-in-law’s ring on Elle’s finger!!

Just after they were announced as husband and wife, and they walked down the aisle, Elle had to stop and hug her brother (and the flower girl who came rushing over)!

Elle’s next hug went to her father-in-law… as Tane’s brother helped with the bouquet again. He should really get a best man award – offering to hold flowers *and* let his brother use his wedding ring. :-)

These next few photos are ones that I usually reserve for the annual ‘best of MOMENTS’ blog post – the hugs shared between best friends and grandmas.

And of course, showing off ‘the ring’ that wasn’t actually her ring. So funny, and something they will all laugh about and remember for so many years!!

Waiting for that one last person for the group photo like…

Snuggle break!!!

Elle had Victoria’s Garden do the bouquets and they were SO SO lovely!!!

Fun fact: Elle and Tane are both twins!!!

Another fun fact: it SNOWED just days before their wedding… at the end of MAY!!! You can see some of it leftover in the shadows next to the chapel.

Couples who can laugh and have a good time on their wedding day are destined for a great marriage! Bonus points are awarded for awkward hugs.

Since they had their ice fishing poles for the wedding, we did a few fun, silly photos down by the stream (turned river because of all the aforementioned snow)!!

Tane + Elle – Thank you so much for having me document just a sliver of your marriage. It was such an honor to watch you truly enjoy every single moment of your day. I wish you all the best!!

best of 2017 MOMENTS!!
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Engagement sessions and wedding day portraits are the perfect time to make some gorgeous photos, but the moments that happen unprompted make those memories that last forever. Those moments bring tears and lots of smiles and laughter.

These moments often don’t make it on the blog because the lighting isn’t perfect, or the background is too distracting, or the moments themselves could be downright embarrassing for some. But here, in this yearly roundup of ‘best of 2017 MOMENTS’ writeup, anything goes!!

From sweet mother-daughter moments like this…

… to this special moment in the groom’s getting ready room…

… to my all-time favorite first look reaction…

… and this moment where we weren’t sure his ring was going to fit…

… and this ‘Lady Marmalade’ dance off…

… to this “Harry, your hands are freezing” moment… Enjoy my favorite moments of 2017!!! :-)

Another sweet mother-daughter moment – after buttoning up the dress, Ashley’s mom brushed her hands over her shoulders to smooth her dress before helping her daughter into her wedding shoes. Imagine all the times she helped her daughter get dressed as a baby and little girl. Now here she is, helping her ‘baby’ get dressed one last time before she marries the man of her dreams! *cue the waterworks!!*

Jake was the joking-est groom I’ve ever met. Seriously, what other Jake would Megan get earrings and a love note from on her wedding day?! Thanks for the clarification after the signature… ;-)

This photo doesn’t look like much, but the groom had secretly borrowed the bride’s shoes the night before and wrote “Ms. Fladeland in the morning” on one shoe and “Mrs. Lucich in the evening” on the other. This was her first time seeing his surprise, and I love that he thought to do this!

Earrings can be tough to get in sometimes. ;-)

This’ first touch’ was a first for me and I loved it! They didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony, but they wanted to have a special moment together before the ceremony. This was so beautiful and perfect and I only cried a tiny* bit behind my camera.

*tiny as in I had to keep shooting even though my vision was blurry – thank goodness for auto focus!! 

This bride wanted to have a first look with her father before going to see her groom.

SPEECHLESS!!! This is actually the moment *after* he first saw her. I suggested he see the back of her dress – the first thing he finally did say was “mmhmm.”

This first look was a bit more humorous – I was a ways away so I can only guess what kind of (maybe inappropriate) commentary was happening over the walkie-talkies. Haha!

I love thoughtful gifts! This bride wanted to somehow incorporate the groom’s brother who had passed away into photos. We bounced some ideas around, and this photo pin that he could wear on his boutonnière over his heart was the perfect way to have his brother there at his wedding!!

Ready for some cute kids? Tickle time!!

Snuggle with mommy time!

Twirling time!

Play in the grass while waiting patiently for photos time!

Make friends with the photographer time!

And a few ‘formal portrait’ outtakes. There’s always that one groomsman, right?

I love a good candid photo of parents – that right there shows me that the groom was raised in a fun, loving home!

Again with that one groomsman… a special Titanic-style moment. :-D

While this may look like a staged Pinterest-style photo (which it is), what you don’t know is that I jokingly told the couple looking away to smile… and they did! Haha!!

Photobombed by a turkey!

And some deer! Which is more of an inside joke because of a sweet thank you card the bride had sent after engagement photos. On the cover was a lovely painted deer wearing a flower crown, and on the inside she had written something about ‘wouldn’t it be neat if there were deer at our wedding?’ AND THEN THERE WERE DEER AT THEIR WEDDING!!

Pre-ceremony prayers.

Pre-ceremony high fives.

Pre-ceremony meltdowns.

I was so focused on the bride and her dad, that I almost missed the groom’s reaction!

Vows are hard to repeat sometimes. Especially long sentences. This one of Jordyn strongly annunciating fragments of her vows still gives me the giggles!

This couple stole a kiss during the sign of peace, before they were officially pronounced husband and wife!

Often times, when a couple walks away from their ceremony, they just keep walking. It’s a beautiful moment. It’s their first walk as husband and wife, and it ALWAYS brings out the most pure body language! Arms intertwined and the biggest hugs you ever did see. :-)

Receiving lines are a great way to say ‘hello’ to everyone who came to the wedding, but my favorite part is when the parents can’t wait to congratulate their sons and daughters on officially becoming Mr. and Mrs.!!

Reception mingling time! My husband’s and my grandparents passed away long before we got married, so I really treasure (and envy) moments like this!

This bride and groom walked hand in hand, table to table, greeting their guests.

The mother and sister of the groom having a moment. I love looking around at a reception and seeing what is going on between the guests. This moment was sweeter than I could have expected!!

FUNNEL CAKES!!! I’m sure the logistics of purchasing and operating a funnel cake machine at their wedding was more work than most would ever choose to endure, but this was really the coolest thing to happen at a wedding. By far.

This moment when the bride was surrounded by her mom and sister during their slideshow just makes me melt!!

How many grooms take the time during their reception to go over and give their mama some love? (Answer: grooms that also know that funnel cakes are worth having at their wedding. These are good people, I tell ya!!) ;-)

Doin’ what her papa taught her. ;-)

This next one is from a morning wedding – all the kids (and there were a lot) at this wedding were suddenly ready for naps at the same time. This sweetie and her mama made me want to go home and snuggle my own babies – which I did, as soon as I got home that day. :-)

You’ve all seen the reception game where a couple from the crowd has to show the bride and groom how to kiss, and then the b + g have to replicate it, right? Well this couple added a twist. Before showing the bride and groom how to kiss, they first gave a bit of marriage wisdom. Some were sweet, some were funny, and all were straight from the heart!

The bride’s life story sung to the tune of “Goodbye Earl” (their favorite song from when they were younger) was a highlight for the year. Something about moving to Florida and getting a cat? Not all of it worked perfectly, but that’s exactly what made it a perfect memory.

This reaction to the bride’s dad’s speech – so good. Jokes about their age difference (they started dating when he was a senior and she was a freshman in high school) a plenty! We all knew it was coming, but his delivery was just that good!

Huge props to a maid of honor who can embarrass a bride, then make her cry in the same speech. 

This is the same joking groom who clarified he was the soon-to-be-husband in the love note earlier. After thanking all the guests for coming, he said something like “We’re really surprised anybody showed up. We picked a holiday weekend a long ways away from our friends, thinking everyone would want to be anywhere but at our wedding. So, thanks, I guess?”

Mid-dinner massage time!

Who needs to stretch before their first dance as husband and wife? This guy.

Okay, so maybe it was good that he stretched for this. Haha!!

Loosen up those joints!

Make room for Jesus!

Switching back to some super sweet moments… the photo on the left I love because both the bride’s and groom’s dads are in the background watching them dance. The photo on the right, the groom is watching his bride dance with his father. Love love love!!!

This bride’s father introduced this song as one that he used to either sing to her or play for her when she was a baby. Can you imagine all those memories swirling around in the heads of these two during this dance? This moment is what waterproof mascara is made for!!

After the bride danced with her new husband, she danced with her father. After she danced with her father, she walked over and hugged her mother…

… and all there of them watched her husband dance with his mother. #familygoals

Now lets get this party started! Before the bride was done dancing with her father, this kid was ready to jam out!

Pop that hip!

Another sweet grandma moment! :-)

Parent of the bride cutting a rug! And someone taking a photo of a moment I missed. I love seeing people take pictures at weddings! I can’t capture every single moment. I try, but I just can’t. So thanks to all who love to take pictures at weddings alongside the hired photographer!! #captureallthemoments

The flower girl that didn’t need to duck to get ‘a little bit softer now’ and also the guy who is almost completely parallel to the floor without actually laying down. 

Oh, did you think that weddings are the only time that moments happen? Think again. ;-) Mike shows his true feelings towards snuggles…

Whisper something dirty into her ear… “mud.”

Walking is hard sometimes…

When you go in for a cute piggy back ride and end up choking your fiancee… so romantic. ;-)

Tell me how you really feel about being up at sunrise to take pictures…

Puttin’ the moves on her man!

More whispers – I love prompts that create all kinds of different reactions unique to each couple. Giggles are by far my favorite. :-)

Thanks so much for following along! 2017 was such a fun year. I hope you enjoyed my favorite candids/outtakes/moments/memories! :-)

best of 2017 WEDDINGS
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Bride + Groom portraits are my favorite time to be around a couple on their wedding day. It’s just the two of them walking, hugging, swaying and soaking in every single emotion that the day brings!

Before the ceremony, it’s a lot of nerves about the ceremony combined with a relief of seeing each other finally, plus a huge dollop of excitement to get married and spend the rest of their lives together.

After the ceremony, the emotions are a bit more relaxed and carefree, with a huge wave of WE’RE MARRIED!! Finally!!!

This year, I photographed a few more elopements than I have previously, and I loved how there was so little stress and so much time to wander and soak in those ‘wedding day feels!’

Side note: this years brides + grooms all wore something that made them feel comfortable and confident and it TOTALLY showed in the way they carried themselves all day. Shoes are probably the biggest factor in killing your comfort level on a wedding day, and I was thrilled to see so many grooms wearing their own shoes instead of rentals, and lots of brides opting for a comfy pair to slip into for walking around for photos and dancing. 

Evan + Megan’s fall wedding day was overcast and cold and drizzly all morning and afternoon. When we walked out of the church after their ceremony, the SUN WAS SHINING and I couldn’t help but put a bit of sun flare in most of their post-ceremony photos because look how warm and cozy they look! They literally have that ‘just married glow.’ :-D

When I ask couples to ‘do a little dance’ during portraits, it rarely turns out like this – but this is totally Jayson + Jordyn’s personalities! I love how simple directions can yield such different results from each and every couple!

Still awe-struck over the spontaneous snowfall on Matt + Ashley’s wedding day. And his grandpa’s car. Coolest, chic-est wedding of 2017 right there!

I’d like to interrupt these sweet, fun-loving couples to introduce you to a few wedding parties – the people that surround the bride and groom with support and big laughs. As much as I love elopements, I also love seeing couples’ personalities mirrored and multiplied in their closest friends.

Okay, back to the snuggles for a bit! ;-) I still can’t get over the view from Evan’s parents’ back yard! Their ceremony was one in a million.

Alright, alright, Chris + Kelsey’s view was pretty spectacular, too! I love that you can see the ‘aisle’ she walked up, and their family and friends were scattered along the rocks on either side for the ceremony. The most natural outdoor spot to get married!

Silhouettes are always a fun image to grab, but the birds flying past in this one make it a favorite!!

Does it get any better than being carried off into the sunset on your wedding day?!

And now for a little preview of the next ‘best of 2017’ post – MOMENTS!! The candid, unscripted events as well as outtakes are the heart of every wedding. Sure, portraits are lovely, but these photos are what bring all those great memories come flooding back year after year!!

First look feels:

Ceremony love:

Reception magic:

Ashley’s dad shaking her newly-minted-husband’s hand as they switch from ‘first dance’ to ‘father-daughter dance’ – I can’t believe I wasn’t crying throughout this whole wedding dance (probably because all the tears dried up half-way through the first dance). ;-)

Ok, never mind, crying again now. Love this family SO MUCH!!!

If you enjoyed my favorite portraits from this year, plus the sneak peek of candids, be sure to check back next week for the full ‘best of 2017 MOMENTS’ recap! :-)

jason + gena MARRIED!! Black Hills elopement
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Jason + Gena escaped to the Black Hills to get married with their closest relatives in attendance, and it was the most perfectly imperfect day. Their flowers got left behind, but someone fashioned a bouquet from Safeway flowers at the last minute. It rained on and off, but we all managed to stay dry. Deer and turkeys tried to photobomb, and you were more than happy to share your spotlight!

Jason + Gena – what a pleasure to work with you on your wedding day! I loved your small, intimate, laid-back wedding. I could have kept you all evening until the sun set! I hope you had a wonderful dinner with your family, and a fun reception back home! :-)

aubrey + mary MARRIED!! Black Hills wedding photography
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Weddings like Aubrey + Mary’s completely blow me away with the perfect combination of love, silliness, and sunshine peeking out just in time for photos. :-)

Mary and I met a few years ago, and we instantly hit it off (and judging by the speeches I heard on Saturday, this is a pretty common occurrence). She’s a great friend, and everyone lucky enough to be in her life is truly blessed. She also has a great circle of family and friends, but when she met Aubrey she hit the jackpot. He is her perfect gentleman with a hilarious sense of humor.

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 01

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 02

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 03

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 04

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 05


Seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day! :-)

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 06

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 07

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 08

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 09

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 10

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 11

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 12

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 13

Aubrey + Mary got engaged on the top of Harney Peak, and since Sylvan Lake was sort-of on the way to their reception at the Game Lodge from their wedding at the Chapel in the Hills, we prayed for no rain, few tourists, and headed up!studio lb black hills wedding photographer 14

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 15

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 16


WORTH IT!!!studio lb black hills wedding photographer 17

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 18

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 19

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 20

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 21

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 22

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 23

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 24

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 25

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 26

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 27

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 28

Wall Drug donuts!!!!! They were a hit. Especially with Grandpa. ;-)studio lb black hills wedding photographer 29

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 30

Don’t worry, Aubrey, I’m sure that some day someone will believe you met on Farmers Only.studio lb black hills wedding photographer 31


Gosh, how do I begin to thank you guys for having me photograph your wedding? It really was the perfect day, which I truly believe is a preview of what your marriage will be. I am honored you asked, and I can’t wait to watch your happily ever after play out!! :-)

studio lb black hills wedding photographer 32

Also, there were two studio lb brides at this wedding!!! Remember Megan? She had similar storm clouds threatening her big day. :-)studio lb black hills wedding photographer 33