laura loves… june edition
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My summer is typically full of sun, fun, weddings and editing. :-) This summer is also my final few months of my own wedding planning and my 101 in 1,001 goal list I created back in 2010!!

1. New website and logo coming soon!!!!! That’s right – studio lb is growing up and getting a new look!! It’s been in the works for a few months now and we are finally approaching an official launch!!! I can’t wait for you to see it!!

2. Kelly Moore Bag – I recently switched from the Brown Classic to the Muted Teal B-Hobo bag, and I love the color and size of it! While I’m shooting, it carries four additional lenses (including the ginormous 70-200 lens) and has pockets for my phone, keys, wallet and memory cards. Everything I need for an engagement session!

3. My 101 in 1,001 list – I thought I had been neglecting it for quite a while. I didn’t even remember when the end date was!! So I looked it up the other day and I had completed several goals without even realizing it!! Looking back, there are some I’d like to re-write, but the ones I’ve been able to check off are: 1. Gather vendor list from each couple and feature their work. 2. Visit an outlet mall with Jill. 19. Get a wedding featured in a magazine. 25. Update marketing/branding materials. 68. Sew a dress for myself. 80. Look into getting a Showit site. 91. Make an address box. 97. Visit Ben and Robin other than for Jonas’s birhtday.

4. My nephews – I only got to see them for an hour while I was in Rosholt for my bridal shower, but it was so worth it!! Jonas (the older of the two) leapt into my arms when we arrived, and when we were leaving he kept asking, “Do you want to come home with us?” Broke my heart when I told him I had to go back to my home instead.

48. find a tree topper… CHECK!!
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Looking through my 101 in 1,001 list, I realized I have accomplished more than I thought I had this year. They just happened.

Two years ago, I had a vision of how I wanted to be living my life and running my business. I wrote down 101 things that I wanted to accomplish in 1,001 days. Now, my life and business have grown into that vision I created two years ago, and goals are being completed left and right! I had just forgotten what a ‘big deal’ these goals were to me two years ago!

This year, my mom saved Christmas – and helped me check another goal – by finding me a brown metal tree topper! I know this isn’t a huge life event or anything that will impact my business, but I’m excited that my tree finally looks ‘finished.’

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas weekend!! And enjoy this unseasonably warm South Dakota weather!! :-)

94. find a hobby other than photography… CHECK!!
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I have always been crafty. But only recently have I realized how much I enjoy making things by hand.

Being in 4-H taught me that making something myself is a whole lot more rewarding than spending money for something made in (probably) China. So I learned how to sew, crochet, photograph and create! Of course, when I was in 4-H, making a project was such a chore and it didn’t feel very rewarding to have to sew myself a skirt or have to make my own candles.

But apparently something stuck with me. I always find myself saying “I could make that” when I’m out shopping or browsing online. I have made my own newborn props, throw pillows, and most recently a handful of colorful necklaces!


undefinedNext on my crafting to-do list is a whole bunch of things I have tagged on my Pinterest page.

50. go on a hike (again)… CHECK!!
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This past weekend, my BFF Jill came to visit! She grew up in Rapid City and has hiked Harney Peak several times. When she said she was going to come visit, she also said in the same sentence, “We’re going to hike Harney Peak.”

Say whaaaa?! Put me in heels and give me heavy camera bags and I’ll photograph a wedding all day, but hike a MOUNTAIN?! (The highest point East of the Rocky Moutains and West of the Pyrenees Mountains in Europe!!) Are you kidding me?

So I’ve been ‘training’ for the past few weeks. Going on walks, hiking M Hill, and of course, snacking on trail mix. :-)

In four hours we made it from the trailhead at Sylvan Lake to the lookout tower and back. We both saw someone we knew (small world) and we also met lots of interesting people. One girl asked if there was a bathroom at the top of Harney Peak. “Uh, yeah, there’s a couple of trees right over there…” Then an older gentleman hiking behind us asked us when we got back to the trailhead if we just hiked all the way up to the top. “We sure did!” “Wow, you guys look fresh!” Ummm thanks? Speedwalk back to the car!!

So here’s some proof that I was at the top of Harney Peak!! (all photos from my cell phone – I wasn’t about to carry 8 extra pounds of camera gear…)



You can see the back of Mt. Rushmore in this photo. It’s the rectangular rock formation in the top middle of the photo, where the blue haze starts.

undefined“Where the granite spires rise…”
undefinedAnd what trip to Custer State Park is complete without seeing some baby buffalo?!?! They’re so cuuuuuute!


16. photograph a destination wedding… CHECK!!
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I love photographing the same venues more than once. I love to see how different couples use their talents and personalities to take a room and make it their own.

I REALLY love photographing new venues because it’s such a creative challenge for me. Quick – find the best light possible. Quick – find several good locations, with the best light possible. Quick – make the bride and groom look absolutely amazing in said good location with great lighting.


I love photographing nearby weddings because I don’t have to drive far to return home at the end of the day.

I REALLY love photographing destination weddings because I get to work in new locations AND take a 1-day vacation before I return home.

undefined Thanks again to Matt + Gladys for having me at their wonderful St. Louis wedding. And for officially making studio lb a destination wedding photographer. :-)

Now, I just need to find someone who wants me to photograph their tropical beach wedding. :-D