bryce + brittany ENGAGED!!
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Bryce and Brittany are the luckiest people in the world – and they are not afraid to tell you!! :-) They love each other so much – they couldn’t stand living long-distance anymore, he proposed after dating for 8 months and they are planning a wedding for July!!

I was first contacted by Brittany back in February and I FINALLY got to meet her and Bryce on Saturday at his parents’ farm in Minnesota. I usually like to be a little early for first-time, far-away sessions. You know, just in case I have car trouble, or my gps tells me to turn the wrong way… :-) This time I was embarrassingly early. Like an hour and fifteen minutes early. Darn time zone change!! I vow to never let this happen to me again! Bryce and Brittany were troopers and got there as soon as they could and I got time to scope out the farm and find a few spots away from the crazy-wicked wind!

Can anyone guess what kind of green this is?? :-)

Bryce + Brittany – It was SO great to finally meet you! And thanks for not making me paste Brad + Angelina over your faces! ;-)