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To all my brides and grooms of 2013 – thanks for having fun on your wedding day, and enjoying all those unplanned moments.

Most of what I show on my blog are my favorite, most beautiful photos from my couples’ wedding days. But today, I’d like to take some time and showcase the less-than-beautiful but more-than-entertaining moments that happen on a wedding day. The memories you never planned for. The hilarious mis-haps that you never would have expected. :-)

For starters – once your hair and make up are all ready to go, it is a little un-nerving to have your bridesmaids stick your wedding dress on over your head.

studio lb wedding outtakes_01

Sometimes getting tied into a dress is also intense.

studio lb wedding outtakes_03

Sometimes moms feel the urge to document how lovely their daughter is all dressed up in her wedding gown.

studio lb wedding outtakes_04

Because really… isn’t she lovely?? :-)

studio lb wedding outtakes_05

In this photo, the groom requested a shot of the custom tie tacks he had had made for his groomsmen – I figured I would have to crop the image later, so I told them they didn’t have to smile for this one. Apparently this is just a smiley group… for the most part. :-)

studio lb wedding outtakes_06

Speaking of photo requests, during formal bridal party portraits, I usually do one of each attendant with the bride/groom and more often than not, we *must* do a fun one. And I love it every time. :-)

studio lb wedding outtakes_07

studio lb wedding outtakes_08

Seriously guys, go crazy. :-)studio lb wedding outtakes_09

Sometimes grooms would rather be goofy and do their own thing, and this makes me happy since I have my very own goofy groom. :-)

studio lb wedding outtakes_10

studio lb wedding outtakes_11

Sometimes silly comments catch grandparents off guard. Haha!!

studio lb wedding outtakes_13

Sometimes the wedding party would rather just dance.

studio lb wedding outtakes_14

Sometimes the officiant will mis-pronounce a name during your ceremony. Whoops!

studio lb wedding outtakes_15

Sometimes the balloons filling up your getaway car should not be read out loud… :-)

studio lb wedding outtakes_16

Sometimes you just gotta photobomb.

studio lb wedding outtakes_17

Amiright or what? :-)

studio lb wedding outtakes_18

Wedding receptions can be a great time to play “Minute to Win It” games – and you can’t mess around by wearing heels…

studio lb wedding outtakes_19

Sometimes, grandma’s got moves like Jagger. Or one of Charlie’s Angels… either way all these ladies rocked the dance floor. :-D

studio lb wedding outtakes_20

And lastly, what fun is a wedding if there aren’t children to provide some unexpected entertainment?! Like not wanting to participate in photos?

studio lb wedding outtakes_21

studio lb wedding outtakes_22

studio lb wedding outtakes_23

studio lb wedding outtakes_24

Sometimes kids get tired during the ceremony and need to sit down for a while…

studio lb wedding outtakes_25

studio lb wedding outtakes_26

…or they have too much energy bottled up that the only cure is to run around and be chased by mom.

studio lb wedding outtakes_27

Finally, what kid comes to a wedding and doesn’t want a piece of cake? This guy clearly couldn’t wait. :-)

studio lb wedding outtakes_28So to sum it all up – please, by all means, plan your perfect wedding. But also plan to be surprised. Have fun and celebrate whatever happens on your big day, because more often than not, the unexpected moments are the ones you’ll cherish the most.